Your responsibilities

Sale Ezy was built with you in mind. We want to make selling or buying a property as simple and efficient for you as possible. But to ensure we meet Australian legal regulations, you do still have a few responsibilities when it comes to buying or selling:

1. ID validation

Sale Ezy provides an initial layer of ID checking for all users – buyers and sellers. This ID check will be undertaken real-time by an international company that does the same for a lot of banks and finance companies. This will help us ensure you are a real person with an accurate ID.

Sale Ezy is going to great lengths to ensure our users are exactly who they say they are. As a buyer or seller, you are required to provide ID for approval to list your property or to bid on a property. This may be a copy of a motor vehicle drivers licence, Australian passport or proof of ID as described by the PSBA Regulations. ID is then sent to the real estate agent for final verification. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure the person you are buying from, or selling to, is who they say they are and does have the right to buy or sell, before you exchange any money. Once the hammer falls, the solicitor of both parties will receive the details of the other party, and should validate ID before progressing.

2. Be private

We ask that all Sale Ezy members refrain from sending their personal details or contact details to any other user. All correspondence should be through your real estate agent or auctioneer conducting the sale. This includes when using the Q and A system. The only point your contact details will be shared is upon hammer fall and purchase. This will help protect you from fraud attempts or scams. At no point should another user ask you for personal details - the only time you will be asked to share them is in secure registration forms.

3. Have finance approved

If you are buying a property, have your finance approved in advance of bidding. Once the hammer falls, the property legally belongs to you and you are responsible for paying for it – an online system is no different to a traditional auction in that regard.

4. See the property

The Sale Ezy property display pages include photos and detailed descriptions on properties, and can also include videos and the option to ask questions of the vendor. Information online is no substitute for seeing a property. Agents are aware of the legal requirements for accurate representation of their property, but ultimately it is you who is responsible for viewing a property before bidding on it and buying it.

5. Processing the sale

Once the hammer falls, Sale Ezy will automatically email a sales advice and contract with details of both vendor and purchaser and the sale price, to vendor and buyer and both of their solicitors. The contracts must be signed and exchanged within 24 hours from the acceptance of your offer and close of the auction. The contracts must be signed with the assistance of each party's solicitor, and the full deposit must be pay the day of auction or as per contract.

You and your solicitor are responsible for making sure the contract is exchanged, deposit paid and contract sent off to the purchaser’s solicitor.

Once contracts are exchanged, you and your solicitor are responsible for the final steps to settlement and handing over keys.