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Is your agent offering you the best method to sell your property?

Sale Ezy is an innovative, web-based sales platform that you can use, with or without an agent, to sell your property. 

Increasing competition and reach to approved buyers from around the world, online sales can reduce time on market, maximise your return, and provide the security of offers made under binding conditions.

Sale Ezy offers two ways to sell your property:


Best offer, Sale Ezy's private online offers system, feels just like a normal private treaty sale, but it all happens online! It has the added security that every private offer made is legally-binding, meaning if you accept an offer, the buyer must proceed with the sale. 

Buyers register and are approved, and submit offers online. As the owner, you are immediately notified of any offer. When an offer is submitted, you have 24 hours to accept it before it is withdrawn by the buyer.

While no other buyer knows the amount of the offer, they are notified when other offers are made and encouraged to get their offer in quickly before another offer is accepted.

Buyers love best offer because it feels just like private treaty. Sellers love best offer because it is transparent, they are always in-the-loop, they have complete control and once an offer is accepted, a buyer can't drop out. 


Final call, Sale Ezy's public bidding system, is just like a traditional stand up auction, but completely online. 

With an hour countdown displayed on screen, registered, approved bidders compete against each other and the clock to have the highest bid, above the reserve, when the timer runs out. 

Final call offers competition, momentum, the transparency of every bid displayed publicly on screen, and when the hammer falls, buyers and sellers are legally-obligated to proceed with the sale.

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Benefits of Sale Ezy

  More transparency than ever before: With Sale Ezy, you are always in control of the sales process! During best offer, you will be notified any time a private offer is made. If you are selling your own property, you can act straight away. If you are using an agent, you can contact your agent to discuss how you would like to proceed. During final call, you see all bids roll in on screen and set the reserve price that governs the sale.
  More buyers: Sale Ezy makes your property sale available to registered, approved buyers from all around the world. They can make offers from home, the bus, the sidelines of the kids' sporting grounds or from their Bungalow in Fiji!
  Test the market: Not sure what you can ask for your property in a cooling market? Don't select the agent who promises the highest price, select the agent who will serve you best and is committed to the outcome... or do it yourself! Use best offer to test property pricing comparisons and adjust your pricing and then launch public, competitive bidding! 
  Buyer security: All offers made are binding, meaning once the property is sold in best offer or final call, the buyer is legally obligated to proceed with the sale.
  Reduce time on market: Being online, Sale Ezy provides a range of data on engagement with your listing that can help your or your agent refine and optimise marketing for a better, faster result.
  Support: The Sale Ezy team is here to support every user. We can help you or your agent use data to optimise your marketing, your buyers register to bid and we are more than happy to walk you through the auction process so you feel confident and comfortable with it!  

 With Sale Ezy you get more

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best offer

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Your Sale Ezy sales method can use best offer or public bidding, or combine both!

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