Refund policy


Registering to bid and bidding involves a nominal fee of $5, as means of protecting vendors and checking ID. 

This fee will not be refunded under any circumstances, including if the bidder is not the successful purchaser.


Sale Ezy charges a flat fee for use of the auction platform. The fee is not for the sale of the property, but for use of the platform. We also provide complementary use of our second platform, 'Best offer'.

A vendor will be required to pay the platform fee at the end of the listing process in order to send the listing live, display their property and use the auction platform. The fee covers the use of the auction platform for one property and is payable regardless of whether or not the property sells at auction. If a property doesn’t sell at auction, the vendor will have complimentary use of the ‘Best Offer’ platform which will enable them to continue to display their home and accept offers indefinitely until the property is sold.

A vendor will not be provided with a refund for the auction fee unless the platform can be proven to have experienced significant technical failure during the live auction final call. Sale Ezy is reasonable and will discuss options with the vendor in the case of any technical issues.

A vendor will not be provided a refund if:

  • They list their property and choose to remove it prior to auction
  • They list their property but then sell it privately
  • They list their property and receive no bids or registered bidders
  • Their property does not sell at auction and they choose not to use the ‘Best Offer’ platform
  • Their property receives little interest (this can result from lack of advertising or poor pricing). Sale Ezy goes to all reasonable lengths to create interest for all properties.

A vendor will be charged a second auction fee if they replace all details of the first property with details of a second property through the editing process as opposed to simply listing a new property. This is misuse of the system and a deliberate attempt at dishonesty.


Suppliers will be offered an opportunity to advertise their services on the Sale Ezy supplier page, with users able to rate their service based on experience. Sale Ezy will provide potential suppliers with pricing for advertisements and invoice privately.

The price will be for a set period and may increase or decrease after that period, based on website visit volumes. The fee is to be paid upfront and the advertisement is to meet the standards and requirements of Sale Ezy. Once the fee is paid and the supplier’s advertisement is placed, the supplier will receive no refund unless the Sale Ezy site is continuously down for 7 days during the agreed advertising period. If the site is down for less than 7 days during the period, Sale Ezy may contact the supplier to make arrangements for extended, free advertising.

A refund will not be given if:

  • The supplier changes their mind and no longer wants to advertise during the agreed period.
  • Removes their advertisement from the Sale Ezy site, for whatever reason, during the agreed period.
  • The supplier receives poor ratings from users, or removes their advertisement due to poor ratings.

Refunds for any user are at the discretion of Sale Ezy.