Refund policy


Registering to bid or offer, and bidding involves a nominal fee of $5, as a final means of checking ID, deterring fraudulent activity, undertaking administration, and encouraging only serious bidders.

This fee will not be refunded under any circumstances, including if the bidder is not the successful purchaser.

Agents and vendors

Sale Ezy charges a flat fee for use of our auction platform. The fee is not a commission, it is not for the sale of the property, but is for use of the platform/software. 

An agent or seller will be required to pay for a listing within seven days of the listing being published, or at the date specified by their issued invoice. The fee covers the use of the auction platform for one property (or as per the specific agreement) and is payable regardless of whether or not the property sells at auction. 

An agent or seller will not be provided with a refund for the auction fee unless the platform can be proven to have experienced significant technical failure during First, Second or Third Call that was not able to be rectified, allowing the auction to continue.

Sale Ezy is reasonable and will discuss options with the agent in the case of any technical issues and our support team is always on hand to help.

While our servers (renowned for their uptime) are highly reputable, as per our terms and conditions, Sale Ezy cannot take accountability for any (very rare) hosting failures, but will work with an agent to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

Sale Ezy may negotiate a postponement or re-scheduling of the auction, at its discretion, should a significant technical failure occur during First, Second or Third Call. 

An agent, seller or vendor will NOT be provided a refund if:

  • They list a property and choose to remove it (delete/withdraw/pass in or other) for any reason prior to, during or after best offer or final call
  • They list a property but then sell it offline or via another method
  • They list a property and receive no bids, offers or registered bidders
  • They withdraw or 'pass in' the property
  • The property does not sell at auction or at all
  • The property sells during by 'best offer'
  • The property receives little interest (this can result from lack of advertising or poor pricing). Sale Ezy goes to all reasonable lengths to create interest for all properties, however, this ultimately remains the agent's responsibility.
  • The property is removed by Sale Ezy due to agent and/or buyer inactivity after two months of being published on Sale Ezy. 

An agent will be charged a second auction fee if they replace all details of the first property with details of a second property through the editing process as opposed to simply listing a new property. Withdrawing a listing and then re-submitting to circumnavigate auction conditions or Sale Ezy terms will incur a new auction fee. Depending on the circumstances, this may be seen as misuse of the system and a deliberate attempt at dishonesty. In accordance with the terms of use, Sale Ezy may remove this listing completely in this case. 

If a listing is withdrawn passed in, deleted or in any other way removed from Sale Ezy, and then published again, this will incur an new fee. 

Agents and sellers should check their user agreement for clarity on permitted use of the system and all users should conduct themselves in accordance with the relevant legislation in their state/territory and Australia, the terms of use, and ethically.

If an agent/seller purchases an advertising package on behalf of their client, Sale Ezy will go to all reasonable lengths to facilitate the ad plan as agreed, including following up the agent up to two times should they not respond to a request for approval or information. Sale Ezy will not refund any amount from an ad package that was not completed as a result of a lack of response from an agent/seller or an agent/seller who does not provide the required information or approval. The agent/seller is responsible for the ad content and must approve it, Sale Ezy takes no accountability for ad content and its accuracy. 

Refunds for any user are at the discretion of Sale Ezy.