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Mini Marketing Health Check

Mini Marketing Health Check

Major Marketing Health Check

Major Marketing Health Check

Free Marketing Resources

Free Marketing Resources

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Content & SEO

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Social Posting

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Our rich history in real estate and marketing

Over ten years, the Sale Ezy team has worked together, drawing on our diverse experience, to build and perfect the first, and most cutting-edge online sales platform in Australia.

And while we are very proud of our online sales platform, it is only part of our focus. At Sale Ezy, we aim to use our 50+ years in real estate and marketing to help agents and agencies improve your services and future-proof your businesses.

We offer a range of simple marketing services that are all driven by one consistent goal: helping you understand what tools are available and how to use them effectively.

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1. Mini Marketing Health Check

Our Mini Marketing Health Check is completely FREE and has been designed to give you a quick and basic understanding of how your business is performing on a marketing front.

Answer the 16 simple questions and submit the questionnaire to receive a score out of 100, and immediate hints and tips on how you can improve your result.

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2. Major Marketing Health Check

Sale Ezy's Major Marketing Health Check is a comprehensive and personalised review of your business marketing.

To kick off the process, we will provide you with access to our detailed questionnaire. Covering all major marketing channels, strategic approaches, measurement and objectives, the questionnaire will take you around one-to-two hours to complete.

Once submitted, your Sale Ezy marketing consultant will receive and review your questionnaire, identifying key issues and gaps, as well as any further information requirements. 

Your consultant will get in touch with you via a quick phone call (we know you don't have a lot of time!) to have a brief chat about any further information requirements or to ask some more questions. 

With all the information they now need, your consultant will perform a review over several days, and develop a personalised report.

The report will include: a one page overview of findings (for those of you who don't have a lot of time), one page of Ezy action points (practical tactics you can use to improve your marketing), and a more detailed document covering all findings and supporting the recommendations. 

How it works

major marketing health check for real estate agencies

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3. FREE Marketing Resources

Staying up to date with what's happening in marketing (especially digital marketing) can be impossible when you're trying to run a business and sell property too!

Well, how about we do the research for you and we let you know when we have some new insights to share?

We have created a free, closed Facebook group just for agents who want to get up-to-date with modern marketing practices and learn from the experiences and wins of others in real estate. 

With podcasts, videos, checklists, templates and new resources uploaded regularly, you can learn more about Facebook, email marketing, creating a marketing strategy, video, search engine optimisation, content and so much more. Did we mention it's FREE?

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4. Content and SEO

Research shows more than half of consumers won't engage with a business if it doesn't have a website.

Around 90% of searchers only click on sites listed on page one of search engine results (only 6% go to page two!). So, if your site isn't on page one, you don't have a website!

Sale Ezy can work with you to help you improve your search engine results.

Our team of content writers can produce detailed monthly content plans, write articles, scripts, news, design graphics, and produce a range of other content, optimising it for search engines so you start to see your website climb the ranks. 

You need to be adding new content to your website regularly, not only to increase engagement with visitors and encourage them to come back for a repeat visit, but also to encourage Google to re-crawl your site and re-index your pages.

If you don't have time, let us do it for you!

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5. Social media curation and posting

So, you've read our blog about the *ahem* great work Facebook has been doing with its news feed algorithm, and you now know why your engagement has plummeted; because Facebook is only showing less than 2% of your followers your posts.

Now, there's very little anyone can do to change Facebook's mind and start showing page posts evenly in news feeds.

But to ensure you build engagement back up, you need to be posting content frequently (multiple times each week), reviewing analytics to see which content has the best engagement, and running post boosts to get that message out there.

If you don't have time to do all that, we can do it for you, with customised social media curation and scheduling services. We can simply prepare your monthly calendar... Or we can take the next steps and put all of your foundation posts together for you and schedule them for posting.

You just let us know what you need!

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Customised services

Didn't find the service you were looking for? Maybe we can still help out; you never know unless you ask! 

Don't forget, if you use Sale Ezy for your online sales, you will also be allocated a dedicated support partner to help you keep an eye on and review listing performance, and suggest ways to improve engagement and decrease time on market.

Feel free to email our team at to find out how we can help you take control of your real estate business marketing.


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