Sale Ezy pricing: sell for just $990

This page includes information for property owners who would like to sell their own properties, but Sale Ezy can save real estate agents time and money too! Click here for agent pricing and subscriptions.

Step one: Platform price

With Sale Ezy, you can use an agent or auction your property online yourself.

No matter how much your home sells for, the fee remains the same, and it is the cheapest auction fee in Australia! For just $990, you'll save thousands:

Use of Sale Ezy’s custom-built, fully-compliant property auction platform for one auction.
   Access to Sale Ezy’s second sales platform, ‘Best offer’ until the property sells.
   A dedicated Sale Ezy support person to provide as much or as little guidance as you require.
   Regular updates on property engagement.
   Supplementary marketing and networking to ensure a minimum of 30 unique viewers.
   Use of Sale Ezy's open house registration system.
  TOTAL $990 until sold

Step two: Advertising package

Sale Ezy offers a basic and premium advertising package, or the option to do your own promotion and skip our packages completely.

Our packages are priced at-cost, meaning we literally make no margin at all from advertising. For most properties, the basic package is perfect, for more niche properties, you might want to consider the premium package.

So which advertising package will it be?

What's included? Basic Package
Premium Package
For Sale sign
2 open for inspection boards
For Sale and sold sticker
Listing on
Listing on
Ad placement, management and monitoring by Sale Ezy account facilitator + marketing mentoring as requested
Highlight ad on*
Online printable page/brochure
Targeted property alerts
Priority Sale Ezy homepage display  
Featured in Sale Ezy newsletter to state/territory database  
Targeted calls to potential buyers  
Targeted social media and digital marketing campaign  

*Highlight ads appear before listings, at the front of a property search, listings appear after ALL highlight ads. Highlight ads are charged at different rates by the supplier, depending on the property's location. Any sum remaining will be used for supplementary digital advertising of the property. If not deemed best spend, will be replaced with other options in WA, TAS and NT.

The Sale Ezy difference

We created Sale Ezy to give property owners access to a more affordable and fair-priced method for selling their home, and agents a way to future-proof their service and offer clients more.

Sale Ezy's Auction and 'Best Offer' platforms do the hard work for you. You have all the control — you set the dates, times, price and conditions — but you can still sit back and relax knowing our system will promote your property, run your auction and even send contracts to the buyer and their solicitor.

We've combined our platforms with your choice of advertising packages — so again, you are in control. You can choose to handle advertising yourself, or select from one of our two carefully constructed packages that are designed for maximum exposure. Unlike other 'sell your own home' sites, we haven't cut corners, we offer the best advertising platforms for the best prices.