Link to your auction on

In May 2020, launched an integration between its property platform and online auction platforms, including Sale Ezy. 

You can now link your listing directly to your Sale Ezy auction page, to help ensure your buyers know exactly where they need to go to register and bid in your online auction. 

To update your listing to display the 'online auction button' and link, follow, these simple instructions:

  1. In your CRM or in the listing, find the field for auction date and time, and add the start date of your auction.

For final call auctions, use the start date and time of final call.

For best offer, consider setting a date two weeks after your best offer auction has commenced so the button remains available longer (you can always update it later if you need to!), also note in your listing that binding offers may be accepted at any time prior to the listed auction date.

Save the change once the date and time are added.


2. In the images and copy section of your listing, find the 'Online Tour 1' and 'Online Tour 2' fields, and in one of them, add the link to your Sale Ezy auction page (for example:

Save the change once the link is added.

Make sure your changes are saved. 

Now, view your published listing on You should see:

1. Right below the property heading, a symbol indicating online auction, and the auction date and time. 

2. In the auction details section of your listing, an auction symbol and a button directly to your Sale Ezy auction page.

Don't see it?

  1. Check you have entered an auction date and time -- this is what activates the symbol on the page.
  2. The date and time need to be at a point in the future. 
  3. Check you have entered a valid link into the 'Online Tour 1' or 'Online Tour 2' fields. This activates the button. 
  4. Make sure you have saved the changes.
  5. Refresh your screen multiple times (Ctl + F5) -- can cache an older version of your listing, so while anyone new to the page will see the updates, you might not because you have seen it before. Refreshing a few times should give you an updated version. Or you can try in a different browser to make sure the changes are there. 
  6. Give it a little time. We have noticed we sometimes don't see the update for 5 minutes, and then only if we refresh a few times. 

If you need any assistance, reach out to your Sale Ezy Support Partner on 1300 662 013 or by clicking on the chat icon on the bottom right of this and every page on our site.