How to buy online with Sale Ezy

Sale Ezy makes buying real estate online very easy. To bid or make an offer, follow the below instructions.

1. How to offer and buy with best offer

Best offer is Sale Ezy's private offers system. It is designed to feel like private treaty or tender, but provides you the benefit of binding conditions.

As a registered, approved buyer, you can make binding offers that an auctioneer can accept within 24 hours, selling you the property under auction conditions. 

This simple 'how to offer brochure' is a great resource to have on hand, so you know what to expect during best offer. 

This video is a detailed step-by-step through the best offer process. 

2. How to bid and buy with final call

Final Call is Sale Ezy's public bidding system.

As a registered, approved bidder, you can make bids against other bidders, during a set countdown, aiming to have the highest bid above reserve at hammer fall.

This simple 'how to bid in final call brochure' is a great resource to have on hand as you bid, so you know what to expect.

This video is a detailed step-by-step through the final call process.

Step-by-step through Sale Ezy

  • 1. Find the property you want to buy

    So, you have been to inspect a property and now you want to buy it? With Sale Ezy, you can buy a property online.

    The property may be available by best offer or by final call auction. All bids and offers you make on Sale Ezy are legally binding under state law.

    To get started, use the search on Sale Ezy's homepage to find the property you are interested in and click through to the property page.

    how to buy real estate online

  • 2. Open the registration form

    Every person who makes an offer or bids on a property using Sale Ezy must be registered. Your ID must be validated by the agent selling the property before you submit any offers or bids.

    On the property page, find the 'register to make an offer now' or 'register to bid' button and click it. 

    register ot buy real estate online

    If you are already logged into Sale Ezy, you will be directed straight to the registration form.

    If you are not logged in:

    If you don't have a free browser profile with Sale Ezy, click 'register' and fill in your name and email address to be sent to the buyer registration form. 

    If you do have a browser profile, click 'log in'.

  • 3. Fill in the registration form

    Fill in every section of the registration form that applies to you. 

    Note: you will need to take a photo of your licence or passport and upload (just take it with your phone!), and also sign and upload the auctioneer authority agreement, which is provided in the registration form (a phone photo of it is fine!).

    Don't forget to read the information at the end of the form carefully and tick the boxes that apply to you, read the terms and conditions and then submit. 

    registration form for buying real estate online

  • 4. Buyer payment

    Sale Ezy requires buyers to pay a nominal $5 fee to bid or offer online. This fee is in place to protect all users -- it assures us you have a valid payment option and bank account, so we don't need to hold a big deposit from you. It allows us to undertake a security check.

    Please submit the payment (made securely through NAB payment portal).

  • 5. Wait for approval

    not approved to buy real estate online

    As soon as your registration is submitted, the selling agent receives a notification and is asked to check your licence and approve you to offer or bid -- this can happen in minutes if the agent is standing by. 

    Until you are approved, you cannot make any offer and you will see a note on the property page that lets you know you're not approved to offer yet. 

    If the agent has approved your registration, just refresh your screen (ctrl + F5) and you can start making offers or bids as soon as the auction begins.

    Before offering or bidding, make sure you have:

    • had your solicitor review the contract
    • finance approved
    • spoken to your bank to extend your online transfer limit for the day so you can pay the deposit
    • understand the exchange process and requirements

  • 6. Start making offers or bidding!

    This step only applies if the property is available for offers. If the property you are interested in is to sell at final call auction, please skip this step and read step 8. 

    If the property is available for best offer, once you are an approved buyer, click the 'make an offer' button.

    STEP 1 Click to make an offer

    make an offer to buy real estate online  


    If you enter a condition, for example, a 6 month settlement, the wording needs to be provided by your solicitor as it will be included verbatim in the contract if you are successful. 

    type in offer to buy real estate online


    confirm offer

  • 7 Monitor and respond

    bid logThis step only applies to properties available for offer. If the property you are interested in is being sold by final call auction, please skip to step 8.

    After you submit your offer, the real estate agent and the property owner will be notified.

    They have 24 hours to review your offer and accept it. If they don't accept it within 24 hours, it will be automatically withdrawn on your behalf so you aren't committed for an unreasonable period of time.

    Keep an eye on the bid log and your email, other buyers can submit offers at any time. 

  • 8. Bidding in final call

    This step only applies to properties being sold by final call auction. If the property is only available by best offer, please skip this step. 

    Once you are approved to bid, you are ready, now you just need to wait for the auction to begin!

    The auction will begin at the time set by the auctioneer -- you can see the time and a countdown to it in the auction box before the auction. 

    Once the countdown begins, type your bid amount into the bid box and click 'bid now'. You'll need to confirm the bid to submit it. 

    You will immediately see the bid appear on screen next your bid number 'you (887)'. When other people bid, you will see their bid number and the amount of their bid appear on screen.

    If the bid meets or surpasses the seller's reserve price, you will see 'on the market' appear next to the current bid. This means, the property will be sold to the highest bidder at the end of the auction. 

    The auction will run for a set time, as indicated by the countdown clock.

    When the set countdown is finished, you will have your final chances to bid, as 1st, 2nd and 3rd call appear on screen for 30 seconds each (1.5 minutes total).

    If a bid is made by anyone, at any point during 1st, 2nd or 3rd call, 1st call automatically starts the cycle again. This means you have 1.5 minutes to answer their bid with a higher bid EVERY TIME -- you never need to rush, so type and check your bids very carefully.

    Once 1st call, 2nd call and 3rd call have counted down and no more bids have interrupted them, if the highest bid is above reserve, the hammer will fall and the property will be sold.

    If yours is the highest bid, you will legally be sold the property under auction conditions and you need to sign the contract and pay your deposit straight away (the agent will help you). 

    If the highest bid didn't reach the reserve price, the property will now be available for private offers under auction conditions. If your offer is accepted, it is still under auction conditions, so you are legally obligated to proceed. 

  • 9. Exchange

    If your offer is accepted during best offer, or your bid is the highest above the set reserve during final call, the hammer will fall on screen, symbolising that the sale is over and you have purchased the property under legally binding conditions.

    An email will be sent to you and your solicitor to confirm your purchase and the details.

    You need to exchange contracts and pay the deposit immediately. The agent will give you several options for signing the contract, or they can sign on your behalf.

    If you do not exchange contracts and pay the deposit straight away, the property owner can take legal action against you.