Sell your property with Sale Ezy

What is Sale Ezy?

Sale Ezy is not a real estate agent, it is a website property owners and agents can use to auction and sell a home, business or farm online. It enables you to reach more buyers and make your auction more accessible. You simply fill in our easy online listing form, promote the property (or ask us to assist with this) and watch as the clock counts down to your fully-automated and seamless online auction!

How much does it cost?

For owner-sellers, Sale Ezy can be used for a one-off fee that gives the property owner access to use the platform until the property is sold. To see our pricing, click here.

For agents, Sale Ezy offers several great subscription packages as well as single auctions. To find out more, contact our friendly team on 1300 662 013 or email

How much support do I get?

Every single agent and property owner is allocated a dedicated support partner from Sale Ezy. This experienced and friendly person can help you organise photography, assist with pricing, write and review your listing. They will also monitor your property the whole time it is listed, let you know how much interest it is getting and offer advice and insights.

Why use it?

There are so many benefits to using Sale Ezy. You have complete control of your sale, the ability to manage your property from anywhere at any time, and you will appeal to more bidders enabling them to bid from home, the office or the sporting field! The other big benefit is you have access to auction, a way to build momentum, drive offers and achieve a better sales price! The real question is, why not use Sale Ezy?

Read more about agent benefits and owner benefits.

We don't believe in 'set-and-forget' clients, our team will be there for you from the minute you list, to the sale of the property, whenever you need us. We're not pushy or salesy, so feel free to give us a call on 1300 662 013 to chat about what Sale Ezy is, how it works and how it can benefit you.

How it works

Sale Ezy offers a progressive, three-part auction.

Your auction can start with a slower, elongated Best Offer period that enables registered bidders to make bids for consideration in the lead up to the the faster Final Call segment of the auction.

During Final Call, the clock counts down and bidders compete to submit bids within a limited time frame, aiming to achieve the highest bid at the end of the Final Call period. Properties not sold during Final Call will transition back to Best Offer for more bidding.

Your property can sell during any of the three auction segments. 

  • 1. Browse properties

    Finding your perfect property (or a whole list of them!) is easy. Just enter your search criteria into the homepage and browse through the list of properties that match your specifications.

  • 2. Sign up for your free My Sale Ezy profile

    Sign up for a free account so you can bookmark and monitor properties, set up email property alerts for new listings of interest, arrange private inspections using the Q and A and register for open houses. Click the ‘sign up’ button to register.

  • 3. List a property

    If you are looking to sell or you're an agent selling on behalf of a client, arrange to obtain the contract for sale from the property owner's solicitor and then click on 'list my property' under 'sell.' Simply fill in the listing form with all the required details about the property, the property owner and their solicitor. Select the auction start and end date, Best Offer dates and your base and reserve price and click submit. We'll verify the ID and the property can be on display within minutes. You will need to hold at least two open houses before your action. Need help? Just ask our team.

    Check out our agent listing guidelines here, and the property-owner's checklist here.

  • 4. Find suppliers

    Need a photographer? A solicitor? A building report? A valuer? Check out our supplier's page to find the perfect people to form your property sales team. Know of a good supplier? Suggest them to us, or if they’re already on our page, give them a star rating so other people know they are good.

  • 5. Start your auction

    Your property marketing should be in place for at least four weeks before the Final Call segment of your auction begins.

    Sale Ezy offers a three part, progressive auction. You can begin with an elongated, slower auction period, called Best Offer, during your promotional period; transition into the momentous Final Call segment, and then back into Best Offer if required. The property can sell during any one of the three auction segments. 

  • 6. Register to bid

    So you want to buy a property? Take a picture of your ID, and click the 'register to bid' button on the page of the property you are interested in. Fill in the registration form and we will run a real-time third-party ID validation in seconds, and send an automated ID validation email to the agent or your solicitor. Once they confirm your ID, you can start bidding straight away.

    Bidders will be asked to make a nominal $5 payment — this small fee just allows us to further verify your ID and card and protects you and our property owners.

  • 7. Bidding is easy

    You will have up to three opportunities to bid on a property. During Best Offer, your bids, under auction conditions, will be sent straight to the auctioneer and vendor for consideration. If they choose to accept, the hammer falls and the property is yours. When you submit a bid, the time and date and your bid number appear on screen for all other bidders to see, but the bid amount is not published.

    If the property doesn't sell during Best Offer, it will transition into the Final Call segment of the auction. During Final Call, you will have around an hour (recommended by Sale Ezy) to submit competitive bids, published for all to see (without your personal details), as the clock counts down. Once the count down is complete, 1st, 2nd and 3rd call will proceed, each with 30 seconds on the clock. To buy the property, you must have the highest bid, above reserve price, when the clock reaches the end of 3rd call, uninterrupted.

    If the bid doesn't reach reserve during Final Call, it will transition back to Best Offer and you can start making bids again. 

    To bid in any of the three stages of the auction, simply type your bid amount into the auction box on the page of the property you want to buy and click 'submit bid'. You'll be ask to confirm your bid. The bid must be at least equal to the base or minimum price indicated.

  • 8. Final call

    One vendor bid may be placed before the auction reaches reserve (never after) during the Final Call segment of the auction.

  • 9. Contract exchange

    When the hammer falls, the sales advice providing full sale and purchaser’s details will automatically be emailed to the vendor, the buyer, their solicitors and the listing agent. The solicitors should perform a final ID check before facilitating exchange and deposit payment.

    There is no 'cooling off period' under auction conditions in some states and territories. Conditions vary from state-to-state, so make sure you understand the conditions of your state. You must read and agree to these conditions to be approved as a bidder.

  • 10. Best offer

    Our 'conditions of auction' require a waiver of the cooling off period for two (2) business days to be supplied by the purchaser’s solicitor as a condition of contract and bidding. All registered bidders must agree to this as part of auction terms and conditions, in order to register to bid.