Sell your property with Sale Ezy

Sale Ezy is a sales platform consisting of either best offer (private offers), final call (public bids) or a combination of both for a multi-stage sales process.

Best offer

Final call

What is Sale Ezy's sales platform?

Sale Ezy offers a marketing service for small to large businesses and a sales platform that real estate agents can use to  sell a home, business or farm online. 

Our sales platform enables you to reach more committed buyers who have real intent to purchase now. Your agent simply fills in our easy online listing form, promotes the property and works with you to consider offers or bids online. 

How much does selling a property cost?

Sale Ezy offers agents great subscription packages as well as single auctions. To find out more, contact our friendly team on 1300 662 013 or email

How much support do I get with my sales?

Every single agency is allocated a dedicated support partner from Sale Ezy. This experienced and friendly person can help you navigate through your auction, assist your bidders with registration, review your listing and offer insights into boosting engagement with the property. 

Why use it?

There are so many benefits to using Sale Ezy's sales platform. The unique, customisable style of our sales process means you can consider, accept and decline offers from day one when the listing goes live. You can sell the property during the best offer, or simply use it as a period to test the market and inform the pricing strategy you present to the property owner. 

You have complete control of the sales specifications (time, reserve, minimum bid), and the ability to manage the process from anywhere, at any time. Your listing will appeal to more bidders on a global scale, by enabling them to bid from home, the office, the sporting field or their holiday in Europe! 

Our sales all take place completely online, meaning all admin tasks (bid records, bid logs etc) are auto-generated for your agent, decreasing admin requirements, leaving mroe time for promotion and negotiation!

You don't have to worry about setting up cameras and equipment to stream from a live site, or bidders whose internet access doesn't support streamed video. You can forget concerns about projecting a live auction with only a few bidders in the crowd, or a big crowd that is completely unresponsive! Sale Ezy helps you harness the power of competitive selling, while also protecting your brand and reputation as effective sales people and auctioneers.

Most importantly, whether you use best offer, final call or a combination of both, all bids and offers are binding, meaning buyers and owners are legally obligated to proceed with a sale once an offer is accepted or a bid wins at auction. 

Read more about agent benefits.

We don't believe in 'set-and-forget' clients, our team will be there for you from the minute you list, to the sale of the property, whenever you need us. We're not pushy or salesy, so feel free to give us a call on 1300 662 013 to chat about what Sale Ezy is, how it works and how it can benefit you.

How it works

Sale Ezy offers a unique and customisable sales process consisting of private offers, public bidding or a combination of both. 

Best offer can begin a sales process before transitioning into final call, or it can be used alone.

During best offer, registered buyers submit private offers online. All buyers are notified an offer has been made but are not aware of the amount.

The auctioneer, agent and owner are notified of the auction amount and have 24 hours to accept the offer. If accepted, the hammer falls, the property is sold and all parties are legally obligated to proceed with the sale. If not accepted, the offer is withdrawn after 24 hours. 

Final call can occur after best offer, if the property doesn't sell, or it can be used on its own. During final call, a clock counts down one hour, within which registered bidders can submit public bids, competing against each other, the clock and aiming to surpass the set reserve.

Once the clock has counted down, 30 seconds each is added to the clock for 1st, 2nd and 3rd call.

If a bid is made at any time, the cycle of 1st, 2nd and 3rd call begins again, until all bidding is exhausted.

At the end of an uninterrupted 3rd call, if the bid is above reserve, the property is sold to the highest bidder. If it is below reserve, it transitions to best offer for private offers.