Win listings and secure buyer commitment!

Introducing Sale Ezy, an innovative online sales system that can help you win listings, secure buyer and seller commitment, streamline communication and admin, and reduce time on market.

Sale Ezy offers two online sales modules, use them separately or together:

Best offer

Combining the very best of private treaty and tender with binding offers, registered buyers submit offers online, including any conditions. All other buyers are notified of offers, but the offer amount is private between buyer, seller and agent. If the condition and offer are accepted, the property is sold, and all parties are legally obligated to proceed. 

Public bidding

Mirroring a traditional auction -- but all online -- registered bidders submit bids, competing against other bidders, the clock and the reserve to have the highest bid at the end of third call. The highest bid above reserve at hammer fall wins the auction and the sale must legally proceed to exchange. 

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Benefits for real estate agents


Future-proof your business: The real estate market in Australia is set to shift and as agents, you will soon find yourselves working harder for every listing. Our sales method gives your agency a point of difference and an edge over other agencies vying for the same listing, speeds up the sales process and helps ensure buyer commitment to every offer. 


Never lose a listing because of estimated selling price: One of the toughest aspects of a changing market is vendors who continue to believe their property is worth as much, or more than it was in the recent hot market. Some honest agents find themselves missing out on listings because they refuse to promise vendors a sales price that is not achievable, only to reduce it later.

With Sale Ezy, you don't need to lose listings to dishonest or manipulative agents, you just need to test the market! If you believe you can achieve $700,000, set it as your minimum bid so your vendor never has to entertain offers below this amount. If your vendor believes the price should be $770,000, set it as your reserve -- that way the property only sells below $770,000 if the vendor agrees to it. 


Accessibility and transparency: Bids can be made from anywhere in the world with the click of a button, increasing your potential buyer audience. Vendors are updated immediately of any new private offers and can watch public offers roll in on screen.


Commitment: All offers, acceptances and auctions are under binding conditions, meaning all parties are legally obligated to proceed with the sale. 


Transparency: Sale Ezy is focused on helping you build credible and trusted relationships. Our system increases communication and transparency with your seller, without adding more work for you. And unlike other systems, listings are visible to everyone -- even those people not logged in -- so potential buyers are NOT deterred by needing to create an account just to browse!


No training needed: It's so Ezy! Other online sales platforms expect you to take time out of work to attend training courses... Instead of making you learn how Sale Ezy works, we made Sale Ezy to complement the way you work. No training needed, just dive in!


Support: Every agency is allocated a dedicated support partner to be on-hand with guidance and assistance. 

 With Sale Ezy you get control and customisation

final call

best offer

open house RSVP

online Q and A

full support


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Your sale, your way!

Sale Ezy offers a unique customisable online sales method, with two distinct sales modules you can use separately or combine for a unique, progressive sales process.

Best offer

Registered buyers submit private, binding offers on screen for consideration of the seller and agent, they include any conditions associated with the offer. All bidders are notified an offer has been made so they can respond, but only the original buyer, the agent and seller know the value of the offer. To sell, just click 'accept'!

The seller and the successful buyer are legally obligated to proceed with the sale. 

A valuable tool for selling, best offer feels like private treaty, includes conditional offers, and benefits from the binding offers of auction.

Public bidding

If you're looking for a little more action, try our public bidding option!

With around an hour on the clock, registered buyers submit competitive, public bids as the time counts down towards 1st, 2nd and 3rd call. When 3rd call is complete, if the bid is above reserve, the hammer falls and the property is sold! All parties must legally proceed. 

Customise for your client!

If you like the sound of both our private offer and public bidding stages, combine them into the perfect sales method to complement your marketing campaign!

Open the property up for private offers as soon as the listing is live, and run best offer for several weeks as interest grows. If you don't find a buyer or interest is at a high, roll into a short, sharp hour of public bidding to get the heart pumping!

Completely online, Sale Ezy's sales method is unique, transparent and offers a range of benefits to buyers, sellers and agents!


Create your own sales process!

To run your sales process, simply pick and choose from the steps below to customise your approach!

online property sales how it works


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