Sell real estate from your living room!


Introducing Sale Ezy, the simplest way for buyers to purchase a property without ever needing to leave the comfort of their own home!

An innovative, online property sales platform, Sale Ezy provides buyers and sellers true transparency, up-to-the-minute communication and a system that even our oldest client (95!) finds easy to use. 

Sale Ezy features two distinct online sales modules: best offer and final call. 




Get more than private treaty with best offer

Our best offer system is the perfect replacement for private treaty or tender: it feels just as comfortable for buyers, and it has the added strength of binding offers and built in transparency through frequent, automated updates and alerts to all parties. 

Registered buyers simply submit offers on screen, including any conditions. All other buyers are notified of offers, but the offer amount is private between buyer, seller and agent.

If the condition and offer are accepted within 24 hours, the property is sold, and all parties are legally obligated to proceed.



*No sound required


Take auction skills to a new level!

Traditional, stand up auctions are a great way to sell real estate, but for some properties, the conditions just aren't there to achieve the best result possible.

Cue Sale Ezy's final call -- an opportunity to reach out to excited bidders, through their own screens, in their own homes, and propel them strategically towards purchase.

Mirroring a traditional auction -- but all online -- registered bidders submit bids, competing against other bidders, the clock and the reserve to have the highest bid at the end of 3rd call.

The highest bid above reserve at hammer fall wins the auction and the sale must legally proceed to exchange.

This is a great option for experienced and established stand up auctioneers to diversify your skill set and become an expert in all forms of auction.



*No sound required

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What buyers and sellers say about Sale Ezy

"We've had great benefits, selling over the asking price for a lot of properties, over our expectations, because the buyers really get involved!"

-Tony McGaw, real estate agent

"The appeal of Sale Ezy is you can really bid from anywhere in the world. We registered and bought a property while holidaying in Greece! Bidding using Sale Ezy was really easy and convenient!"

- Tim Pandousis, buyer

"We used Sale Ezy to buy our new property -- it was so easy to register and to bid. We are now the proud owners of a new property, and thanks to Sale Ezy it was very simple!"

- Michelle Hunter, buyer

"I found the whole process to be fantastic actually, I'd recommend it to everyone. The end result we got was the one we wanted and it was sold under auction conditions, which meant once my wife and I had made the decision, it was all done quickly and we could move on."

- Brad Yeadon, property seller



Benefits for real estate agents


Empower buyers to purchase from the comfort of their own home: Sale Ezy is 100% online, meaning buyers can register, bid and purchase, using public bidding or best offer (like tender or public treaty), without every leaving their living room!


Never lose a listing because of estimated selling price: One of the toughest aspects of a fluctuating market is helping property owners have a realistic understanding of what price can be achieved. Some honest agents find themselves missing out on listings because they refuse to promise vendors a sales price that is not achievable, only to reduce it later.

With Sale Ezy, you don't need to lose listings to dishonest or manipulative agents, you can offer your client the opportunity to test the market and find the true value of their property. 


Accessibility and transparency: Bids and offers can be made from anywhere in the world with the click of a button, increasing your potential buyer audience. Vendors are updated immediately of any new private offers and can watch public offers roll in on screen.


Commitment: All offers, acceptances and auctions are under binding conditions, meaning all parties are legally obligated to proceed with the sale. 


Transparency: Sale Ezy is focused on helping you build credible and trusted relationships. Our system increases communication and transparency with your seller, without adding more work for you. And unlike other systems, listings are visible to everyone -- even those people not logged in -- so potential buyers are NOT deterred by needing to create an account just to browse!


No training needed: It's so Ezy! Other online sales platforms expect you to take time out of work to attend training courses... Instead of making you learn how Sale Ezy works, we made Sale Ezy to complement the way you work. No training needed, just dive in!


Support: Every agency is allocated a dedicated support partner to be on-hand with guidance and assistance. 

 With Sale Ezy you get control and customisation

final call

best offer

open house RSVP

online Q and A

full support


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