Stand out with Sale Ezy online property auctions: the new way to sell property

Sale Ezy is your key to the changing market!

An innovative, online sales tool, and a unique third selling method, it enables you to test the market, justify pricing to your vendor, and drive buyer competition.

Your listing is open to offers from day one, and proceeds through private and public bidding stages of auction, giving you the opportunity to consider every binding offer, or build momentum as you move towards final call. 

Harness the momentum and reach of online sales to stand out from competitors and truly future-proof your business against market, technology and industry changes, with Sale Ezy online property auctions.

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Benefits for real estate agents

  Future-proof your business: The real estate market in Australia is set to shift and as agents, you will soon find yourselves working harder for every listing you achieve. Online auction allows you to offer a third sales option, which gives your agency a point of difference and an edge over other agencies vying for the same listing. As technology changes and clients demand more transparency, mobility, access and convenience, Sale Ezy enables you to evolve your business model to meet those needs. 
  Never lose a listing because of estimated selling price: One of the toughest aspects of a changing market is vendors who continue to believe their property is worth as much, or more than it was in the recent hot market. Some honest agents find themselves missing out on listings because they refuse to promise vendors a sales price that is not achievable, only to reduce it as time goes by. With Sale Ezy, you don't need to lose listings to dishonest or manipulative agents, you just need to test the market! If you believe you can achieve $700,000, set it as your minimum bid so your vendor never has to entertain offers below this amount. If your vendor believes the price should be $800,000, set it as your reserve -- that way the property only sells below $800,000 if the vendor explicitly agrees to it. Use the range of the offers that roll in to help educate your vendor on market conditions and allow them to adjust the reserve accordingly, if they choose. 
  Accessibility and transparency: Bids can be made from anywhere in the world with the click of a button, increasing your potential buyer audience. Vendors are updated immediately of any new private offers and can watch public offers roll in on screen.
  Security: All buyers and vendors are subject to multiple real-time ID checks prior to using Sale Ezy to buy, or to have agents sell on their behalf. 
  Improve productivity: Every agent can be a successful auctioneer... without ever leaving the office or standing up in front of crowds. Auctioneers can hold several auctions at once, selling multiple properties at auction in one morning.
  Support: Every agency is allocated a dedicated support partner to be on-hand with guidance and assistance.   

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Test the market and sell: best offer to final call

Sale Ezy offers a unique progressive auction format, with up to three separate stages designed to test the market, inform your reserve and pricing, and increase competition.

Best offer

Best offer is the first stage of your auction, and offers buyers an opportunity to submit private bids without the pressure of the clock, but with the looming pressure of a 'sudden-death' public bidding stage!

It is an elongated auction stage that can be used throughout your promotional period, enabling you to consider and accept bids from interested potential buyers.

A valuable tool for testing the market, best offer can help you communicate demand and pricing to your vendor, with the benefit of real-world offers as justification.

Final call

If the property doesn't sell during best offer, it progresses to the final call stage of the auction, where the action really heats up! With around an hour on the clock, time counts down towards 1st, 2nd and 3rd call, during which bidders can submit competitive offers in an effort to surpass reserve and achieve the highest bid.

Completely online, Sale Ezy's auction has been modelled on a traditional face-to-face auction, over an extended period, and includes all the normal auction elements you are familiar with, except the faces!


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