Real estate is changing, you can lead the way!

There's no arguing it, real estate is undergoing a revolution and the next step in property sales is well overdue!

Online real estate sales are inevitable, and as an agent, you can combine new and convenient technology, like Sale Ezy's online auction platform, with your years of expertise, to evolve your service and offer your clients what they demand... or you might be left behind.

What is Sale Ezy?

Sale Ezy is an innovative online auction and sales platform that represents the next step in real estate for Australia. Designed to harness the momentum of auction, and capitalise on the broad reach and accessibility of the web, Sale Ezy gives real estate agents the opportunity to expand their offering and propel their service into the future.

Developed in conjunction with experts from a range of fields, the platform simplifies the listing process, streamlines the selling and online auction process, reduces cost, addresses key compliance points, and draws on more than 50 years of combined knowledge across real estate, IT and marketing.

How can it benefit agents?

The best answer to this question is simply that Sale Ezy can help you give your clients the convenience they demand. It also offers a range of other benefits that will streamline your sales process, save you money and ensure you are offering the most cutting-edge in real estate practice. 

The first of its kind

Sale Ezy was the first online property auction website in Australia. First launched in 2007, we have perfected our platform over 10 years so it is intuitive and easy to use. 

More than any other platform available, adjacent to usability, Sale Ezy has focused on compliance. Our platform addresses all of the complexity of compliance with state and federal laws in the backend of the system, so you can ensure you have ticked every box and have everything you need to meet regulations. 

Unique selling options

Sale Ezy offers agents the option of selling properties one at a time, or leveraging interest and volume to auction multiple properties simultaneously in a digital auction format. This system is not only of benefit and interest to buyers, but provides efficiency and strong return for developers.


Sale Ezy offers the most competitive pricing in the industry for the platform and service it provides. It also offers the most comprehensive and refined platform of any currently available, with a focus on compliance, security and simplicity.


Sale Ezy’s system has been designed to be easy to use as both a seller and a buyer. It is a multi-dimensional, automated platform that runs auctions based on the explicit instructions of the property owner or agent. Bids can be made in seconds from anywhere, and all parties participating in auctions undergo several levels of ID checking before being awarded access to the platform.

Become an auctioneer

Sale Ezy offers you the option of auctioning without having to leave your office, or stand up in front of crowds. It means your one or two auctioneers can oversee multiple auctions at a time, increasing your ability to host auctions frequently and schedule more auctions in peak selling periods, without the added expense of hiring more auctioneers. 


While Sale Ezy is designed to be straight-forward and user-friendly, this doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Sale Ezy steps up the support for commercial clients offering an array of support services and training to facilitate efficient and successful sales.

How does it work?

For detailed information on how the system works, visit our 'how it works' page.

What is the cost?

Sale Ezy is offered to agents on a single-auction or subscription basis, the latter providing significant discounts. To discuss how Sale Ezy can benefit your agency and to find out about our pricing, call 1300 662 013 or email