Buy your next property online, the Ezy way!

Online buying and selling has made so much of our lives more convenient.

With Sale Ezy online property sales, you can make offers on and buy real estate online, without ever needing to leave your lounge room!

We've had successful buyers make real-time offers from the sidelines of the kids' sporting matches, from a beach holiday location in Europe and from the property, immediately after viewing it.

Sale Ezy provides you with more transparency, access and control than ever before -- best of all, it is incredibly easy to use!

You could buy a property using our private offer system, best offer, which feels just like private treaty but gives you more transparency, control, access and commitment:

Or our public bidding system, final call, which removes the intimidation of auction, enables live bidding against our countdown clock and reserve price, and offers true convenience, transparency and commitment:

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Five ways Sale Ezy makes buying simple!


Register to offer/bid online: Sale Ezy runs a completely legally compliant online sale, which means, an auctioneer or agent must validate your ID and approve you to bid. If a company or property owner is selling its own property, they will also need to validate your ID. 

Don't worry, we've made it simple! Just jump online, upload your licence and ID details and the listing agent/selling contact immediately receives your ID to validate. Within minutes, you can be making offers and buying!

  Offer in real-time: Forget about feeling a little uncertain about what will happen when you cough, sneeze or point to a bird... with Sale Ezy, you simply type your offer or bid into the sales box on screen, re-confirm it when prompted and then watch it pop up in the on-screen log. When you see a competing offer come in, you have the chance to respond immediately.
  Offer from anywhere: Sale Ezy is mobile friendly, so you can make offers from anywhere, at any time!
  Exchange quickly: Security of the sale is just as important to a buyer as it is to a seller. Once the hammer falls on Sale Ezy, no other buyer can come in with another offer and steal the purchase out from under you. You'll receive contracts by email and you have several options for exchanging quickly.  
  We're here to help: Sale Ezy's friendly team is not financially invested in your purchase -- we don't make a commission, so when we say we want to help make your purchase smooth and simple, we really mean it. Our support team is Australian-based, and comprised of friendly and real people who have been carefully selected for their genuineness, warmth, patience and natural desire to get in and help out!

Don't feel comfortable making offers online or feel the word 'auction' is overwhelming or just 'not your cup of tea'? Check out our 'I don't want to bid in online auction' page.

Quick Q and A

Here are a few of our most commonly asked buyer questions:

How does the sale work?

A Sale Ezy online sale is customisable, so it might take place using one or more of our sales systems.

If the property is offered via our private offers system, called best offer, once you have visited and inspected the property, you simply head to the property page on our site, click the button to register and fill in our registration form, agreeing to the terms of auction and uploading your ID.

As soon as you are approved to offer, you just type in your offer amount and condition on screen and submit. The property owner and auctioneer then have 24 hours to accept your offer.

If they do accept, the property is yours, if not, your offer expires and you can make another. If someone else offers, you'll be notified of the competition so you can offer again. 

If the property is offered via our public bidding system, final call, once you are approved to bid, at an allocated time, a countdown clock will appear on the property page.

While it counts down, you can submit as many bids as you like, aiming to be higher than competitors and the reserve price. At the end of the countdown, if your bid is the highest above reserve, the property is yours. 

How do I register?

Head to the listing page of the property you like and click the 'register to bid or make an offer' button. Simply fill in the form, upload a picture of your ID and your agreement to the auction conditions and submit. The agent or property owner contact will receive an email straight away asking them to approve you as a buyer. As soon as they confirm, you can make an online offer.

How do I make an online offer?

On the page of the property you like, during 'best offer' click on the 'make an offer' button, type in your offer and any conditions (as you want them to appear in the contract), confirm it and submit -- it's that easy!

During a final call stage, simply type your bid into the box on screen, submit and confirm and you will see your bid pop up on screen. 

When can I view the property?

Viewings need to be arranged with the agent or property owner contact (all their details are on the property page) -- we strongly advise you to view a property before making an offer. 

How is this an auction?

Sale Ezy's best offer doesn't feel like an auction, right? It just feels like private treaty -- you're just making an offer! Final call doesn't quite feel like the usual intimidating auction either?

While our sales system doesn't make you drive to a venue, stick up a paddle and stay silent with your breath held, it is set up to comply with all the rules of auction in each state and territory in Australia.

When the hammer falls, if you are sold the property, no one else can come in with another offer and steal the property out from under you. Likewise, once it's sold to you, you need to proceed. 

If you're interested in browsing properties for sale, click here to see our latest properties listed for online sale. 


Need help?

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