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Planning your bathroom renovation: why layout and style are key

Which rooms in your home are most important to potential buyers and guests alike? Is it your cosy an...

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Home styling tips to add some holiday cheer

In this short 2 week series, we dive right into the Christmas spirit and explore affordable ways to ...


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Selling a rental property

Selling a rental property: rights and responsibilities

Real estate is a heavily regulated industry. There are a lot of rules and laws that dictate how prop...

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Real estate full disclosure

Selling your house, history and all!

While not in Australia, number 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, is an address that is renowned arou...

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Sprucing up to sell your property

Sprucing up to sell your home

Have you ever driven past a house with a 'For Sale' sign and wondered why the owner hasn’t bot...

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Planning an effective open house

Planning an effective open house

Historically, hosting an open house has been the job of real estate agents. They show up on a Saturd...

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