Home styling

Skip renovating: 5 great tips to restyle your home

Thinking of selling and want to spruce up your home for potential buyers? Wondering where you will g...

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Christmas cookie recipe

Christmas cookie recipe – for open homes or just for fun!

Christmas is the most unique time in any year. The sounds, the smells, the over-the-top tinsel hung ...

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Home styling tips to add some holiday cheer

In this short 2 week series, we dive right into the Christmas spirit and explore affordable ways to ...


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Styling on a budget

Top interior design ideas: the home features series

In this 5 week series focusing on interior design ideas for home features, our internal styling guru...

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Baby proofing your house

5 baby-proofing hacks for your new house

Remember when you saw your new house for the first time? It was clean and fresh and full of possibil...

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What is a smart house?

What is a smart house?

In the early 1960s, the Jetsons hit our screens and we were privy — albeit in cartoon form &md...

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