Auction tips

What makes a great online auctioneer?

Written by Andi This year, as our industry has been forced to adapt rapidly to conditions never see...

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Buying a house at auction: are price guides important?

Buying a house at auction, or selling one, has always been a game of strategy. For purchasers, it i...


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online property auctions with Sale Ezy

Quick typers and quick talkers: the new generation of auctioneer

Real estate agents have been doing what they do for hundreds of years. And though advertising of pro...

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Australian property auction rules

Property auctions around Australia

When it comes to real estate laws in Australia, it can be very difficult to know where you stand. In...

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5 tips for bidding at auction

5 property auction bidding strategies that work!

Auction is by far the most popular method for selling properties in cities right now, and to a d...

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real estate auctions

Understanding real estate auctions and reports

Buying and selling real estate at auction can be both incredibly exciting and very confusing. Wh...

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Beating the bidder blues

Beating the 'bidder blues' at real estate auctions

There are around 1,000 property auctions most every weekend in Australia. And every weekend, aro...

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real estate negotiation

5 tips for real estate negotiation

Over the years, some real estate agents have got a bit of a bad rap for the way they help client...

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Real Estate wrap up 2016

Round up: real estate for real people in 2016

Sale Ezy is about real people – we know not everyone is an agent or economist, so we provide w...

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