regional real estate NSW

Real estate NSW: hot spots for a sea change

With school holidays in full swing and many of us enjoying a well-deserved break, it's not surprisin...

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Victoria rental laws to shift the goal posts for landlords

Finally we get to write about something other than the changing prices of real estate and the challe...

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Selling a rental property

Selling a rental property: rights and responsibilities

Real estate is a heavily regulated industry. There are a lot of rules and laws that dictate how prop...

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Use Facebook in property marketing

5 ways to use Facebook in your property marketing

If you are a real estate agent, or you even have an interest in real estate, you'll know there are s...

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5 tips for bidding at auction

5 property auction bidding strategies that work!

Auction is by far the most popular method for selling properties in cities right now, and to a d...

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Rentvesting: is it for you?

Rentvesting: what is it and should you do it?

Over the last five years, the Sydney and Melbourne real estate markets, in particular, have experien...

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property value

The truth about property value and the changing market

Over the long weekend, like many Aussies do, we met up with some friends for dinner, and convers...

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real estate technology

5 ways technology has and will improve real estate

Real estate, like most other industries these days, is right on the verge of some very significa...

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internet security in real estate

Why internet security is important in online sales

There's no question about it, real estate is changing. We first started developing Sale Ezy more...

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Buying a new home

Buying my first home: what I learned

Buying your first home can be daunting, but it can also be incredibly exciting. One of our team ...

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