By Shaz

While Sale Ezy is a tech business, it is also a family business, so we thought we'd take a quick break from helping agents, sellers and buyers, and share a few of our best tips for staying connected in the face of Covid-19, as a family, this long weekend. 

Every year since I was eighteen, I’ve been packing up the car, and driving to Mum and Dad’s in the country, for a much-needed bush retreat through the Good Friday to Easter Monday holiday.

For me, and in fact, for our entire family, that time together is so important. As adults, with our own partners and kids, the opportunity to go home, laugh around the table together, share our lives, relax, and then of course, take each other on in our very competitive Easter egg hunt, is an annual event we look forward to, and even crave in the weeks before. 

This year, separated by distance, there are no family dinners, there's no playing with our beautiful nieces, or heading out to the farm for a bonfire. Instead, we will be spread across various cities, missing the annual event we love. 

Like us, many of you will miss out on the Easter celebrations you have enjoyed in the past. You will not be able to come together in one place to share meals and hunts. But that doesn't mean Easter is cancelled, or even that family celebrations still can't go ahead... we just have to get a little creative this year, which can be fun too!

So, how can you make your Easter at home special? We’ve got you covered with these three easy tips:

1. Easter-Egg Hunts can still go ahead!

If you're separated like us this year, you can still keep your 'all-ages, sibling-rivalry-inducing, borderline -war' Easter egg hunt tradition alive. 

Start by asking each family unit that is separated to purchase the same number of 'hunt eggs' on their next essential trip to the supermarket. Next, nominate one person in the family to hide them (don't worry, they have a stake in this too), collaborating using Facetime, with the other 'hiders' in the other family units -- this keeps them honest. 

Immediately after the hiding is complete, so there is no time for cheating, start an agreed timer, and have each of the different households race to see who can find the most eggs before the timer ends. Be sure to document, Facetime, zoom or go live on Instagram, to keep things honest and bring further joy to the day!

If each family finds half the eggs before the timer runs out, the finders keep the eggs, if they find less than half, the 'hider' keeps the eggs! The family who finds the most eggs take the title!

This hunt pits family units against each other, and hiders and finders against each other for some serious fun!

2. Traditional lunch vs virtual lunch

If you haven’t already, be sure to download the app ‘House Party’, where you can video chat with your family and friends online, and play some creative and interactive games like Trivia, Pictionary and more (just be mindful of any security and privacy settings and concerns)!

Start your lunch by decorating -- even over streaming services, a little spirit can make all the difference! If you don’t have any decorations, don’t sweat it – improvise with these fun DIY centre pieces you can make with your kids:

- Paint some real eggs from the supermarket, and place them in a basket or a nest made from sticks and leaves from the trees out the front of your house.

- Add a real egg to a serviette, and tie the serviette above with an elastic to create bunny ears on the serviette, then place it in the centre of a double plate stack.

- Add a basket full of hot-cross buns on the table, with a fresh tea towel underneath, and a couple of vases with flowers, or candles.

Next -- and we know this is true for so many -- grab all of your devices, and set them up at the spots around your table. Create a free account with Zoom, try a group Facetime, or we also enjoy Join.Me, and set each device to hone in only on one guest. Suddenly, every familiar and important face is gathered around your table!

Just remember, this lunch is BYOE – Bring your own EVERYTHING – so making it special on your side is totally up to you. It might not be quite the same when you ask Mum to pass the gravy, and she has trouble reaching it through the phone screen, but it’s still a way to make your Easter at home special!

Once lunch is over, it’s sibling against sibling in Pictionary or perhaps some zoom charades – who will win?

3. Your Easter hat parade – get everyone involved!

It’s highly unlikely your kids or nieces/nephews will be heading out the front door and lining up for their Easter Hat parade at school this year, but that shouldn’t stop the fun from being had! And now, it can be shared more widely, with everyone in the family having some extra time to get involved!

You have (from today) exactly two days to get your craft gear out, and join in the fun for your family Easter Hat Parade. Make sure there are feathers, plenty of glue, empty Easter egg wrappers (whoops) and a range of other textured and colourful supplies and get sticking!

Set a time for your family to virtually join the parade, get dressed up in your best clothes, and strut your stuff like you’re on the Victoria Secret runway – who knows, the family may even vote your hat to win (over your adorable 5 year old niece) – and you could find millinery is your true calling! '

Let the winner bookmark their chosen venue for family dinner, once the social distancing and isolation laws are lifted.


Now you have our three easy tips for how to enjoy Easter from the comfort of your home, we challenge you to make it happen! Lift your spirits, get involved, and keep a positive mindset throughout this tough time! Don't forget, we are so lucky to have our family in any way, at Easter, or any day -- and this challenging time is a great reminder of that!