In our last blog, 'styling on a budget', we looked at five different styling focal points, agents, sellers and new buyers can use to enhance the look and feel of a space or an entire home, without parting with week's worth of hard earned cash!

We know trying to explore cost-effective ways to make your home look warm and inviting can be tricky at times, so we’ve decided to let you in on one of our favourite cheap and beautiful secrets – greenery!

According to studies, plants freshen the air, help remove toxins and they can even improve concentration, productivity, mood and reduce stress. Outside of their psychological positives, plants also add instant life to your interior space. They make a room look more natural, work in with any colour palette and they can give an area a touch of something truly vibrant and invigorating!

This week, our best low-cost styling finds are all from Kmart and are designed to accommodate your greenery. Best of all, they are all under $15, which means you can also throw a few dollars in the direction of some space-changing plants (we’d recommend a trip to Ikea or Bunnings to get the best plant on a budget).

We love the Rattan look pot holder for $12, the black Seagrass basket for $12, the Mesh tray stand for $15 and the planter with timber base for $10 all from Kmart.

baskets from Kmart

Using greenery allows you to stay as simple and minimalistic as your space demands, or get as creative as you can with different pots and plants! You can try a large plant and featured pot, or have multiple little plants spotted throughout a space to make it feel light and breezy- just be careful you don’t go too far with the plants-- Jumanji and Tarzan themes are usually best for TV only!

Always think about the space and the story, and take light, temperature and humidity into consideration, as they play major roles in the lives of your plants!