Thinking of selling and want to spruce up your home for potential buyers? Wondering where you will get the money for renovations?

Perhaps you don’t need to renovate, you can restyle and breathe new life into your aging home!

Here are 5 great tips to restyle your home, without breaking the family budget!

Tip 1: Sell anything you’re not using

The very first step to cleaning up your house is… cleaning out your house!

Set aside a weekend or two, and go through anything that is cluttering your home – things like your children’s school books (from twenty years ago), the four sets of cutlery and plates (still in their boxes) you won’t ever use, or old printers and electronics dating back to 2000.

Sell items that have a value higher than $5 by hosting a garage sale, or try your luck online.
Donate anything that doesn’t sell and remember to let go of things that aren’t serving any real purpose.
Once all your unnecessary items are gone, tally up the money and put it aside for your home styling project!


Tip 2: Restyle your home with a simple coat of paint!

When updating your home, some people fixate on furniture and items, but forget the impact of the four walls in every room.

A simple coat of fresh paint can take the room from zero to hero in no time at all, and create a completely different atmosphere and level of sophistication.

If you’re not confident in your colour choices, snap a few photos of the rooms you want to paint, and take them to your local home improvement store and ask for some assistance.

Stores like Bunnings and Mitre 10 are a great place to start, and they might even help you find other things you’ll need for your painting project, like a sander and paint-friendly tape for the walls.

Tip 3: Install decorative lights

While you’re waiting for the paint to mix at the hardware store, why not head to the lighting section of the store to check out different ideas for your home? If you can’t find anything at Bunnings or Mitre 10, Ikea has a great selection of lights to choose from too.

Remember when selecting lights to restyle your home, the same rules apply as if you were selecting furniture – lights should create a mood, and be both functional and fashionable.

Again, if you’re unsure of what light goes where, ask the staff at Ikea or Bunnings (or whichever shop you choose), as they specialise in this department – remember to bring your photos!

Bunnings has a great section on their website with light fittings for each room, which you can have a look at before heading into the shop.

Otherwise, taking a little tour around the top of Ikea, can also help you visualise the lights in your place.

Tip 4: Update the finer details

Restyling your home with a few little touches, doesn’t have to be expensive -- but it is easy to spend a tonne of money without realising, so make sure you stick to a budget and consider your purchases carefully.

In the kitchen, replace things like cabinet handles and countertops, or add in smaller tiles to match your theme; add in new lights and even consider replacing your kitchen appliances.

Ikea, Target and Kmart have great modern and retro kettle and toaster combos -- throw in a few kitchen books and wooden cooking utensils in a jar for further effect.


In your bathroom, change your tapware, add in some greenery and update your towels and soap dispenser/ toothbrush holder, and bathmats.

Your bedroom may benefit from a fresh coat of white paint to brighten it up, with a few cushions and new bed linen, giving that extra style injection. Add a floor rug positioned under your bed, or a floor runner to the side for an additional colour pop.

Tip 5: Be smart with storage

If your home provides you ample storage space for all of your items and nick-nacks, you’re at an advantage!

For many though, there will be little-to-no storage space offered in the home.

By adding in a two-sided shelf, a little taller than knee length in the lounge-room (or full length), you’re not only creating two separate areas, you’re also adding in storage without cluttering the whole area.

If you don’t have enough space to hang your clothes in your room, add in cube shelves from Ikea for $89, with their storage boxes (you can choose the standard white or black colours, or pay a little extra for cane boxes) starting as little as $14 for a two pack. Fold the opposite season’s clothes in the boxes.

Add in sliding boxes under your bed, or if it’s time to update, why not try one with draws underneath?

Finally, pick up some square baskets from Kmart, Target or Ikea and add them underneath your vanity to keep everything together and in place – you can even use the storage boxes or baskets to separate different areas in the laundry!

Often people feel as though they need to make massive changes and spend thousands of dollars to reinvigorate a tired home, but that is certainly not always the case!

If you can go without renovating (which let’s be real, takes a lot of effort and causes a lot of stress), follow these 5 tips to restyle your home without spending a fortune – that way, you can save your money for more important things, like holidays and family outings.