If you've been watching the news over the last few months you'll know at least two things about the property market: first, the media loves reporting on it and creating a little drama around it. Second, regardless of what's happening in the rest of Australia, real estate in Tasmania is having a stellar year!

According to Core Logic's latest property report, while the vast majority of Australia has been challenged by dips in dwelling prices, Tasmania seems to have found all those missing, keen buyers (is everyone going south?!) and has experienced strong growth.

Any avid news watcher or reader will know that, in 2018, Sydney and Melbourne markets did not see the growth they had experienced in previous years, and in fact, according to Core Logic's data, dwelling prices dropped by 8.9% in Sydney through the year and 7% in Melbourne.

That same report tells a much different story in Australia's most southern state however, with Tasmania leading growth in the country. Hobart was a knock out performer, experiencing an annual dwelling price increase of 8.7% (followed by Canberra at 3.3%).

So, can Tasmania keep it up?

Like anything, usually what goes up must come down, but for now, Tasmania looks strong. Though predictions suggest growth will slow (which makes total sense), the future still looks bright!

While largely, the increase is being attributed to factors like population growth and demand, Tasmania actually has a lot to offer, and as a result, around a quarter of buyers are jumping ship from other states and heading south, while immigration from overseas has also grown.

If you can't understand what all of those buyers are seeing in their new home, our list below will show you exactly why real estate in Tasmania is so attractive!

1. Introduce more balance into your life!

Tasmania has a population of only around half a million people -- to give you some context, this makes it tiny in comparison to the likes of Australia's major cities, with Sydney having a population of over 5 million.

While the population has grown over recent years, and demand from mainlanders on the move will likely see it continue to grow, Tasmania offers something few other places can -- the rare opportunity to have your cake and eat it too!

Right now, you can live in central Hobart and within around 30 minutes, you can be enjoying the stunning scenery of one of Tasmania's most beautiful and scenic spots, Mount Wellington.

While the city does experience a peak hour (that can set you back a little), the size of the city means your destination is never far away. Less time on the road means more time to enjoy nature with family or friends, just a hop and a step away from your inner-city home!

2. Tasmania real estate is affordable: buy a house -- keep the change!

If you want to live in Manly in Sydney, according to realestate.com.au's suburb profiles, the average cost of buying a house is $3.3 million. In Concord, a home will set you back an average $2.08 million, in Bondi $2.6 million, Pagewood $1.6 million, and Liverpool $800,000.

In Hobart however, $726,000 will net you a home, meaning you can live within a reasonable commute from the inner city (or really any location) for a fraction of the cost.

3. Let's talk about food!

When it comes to produce and culinary pleasures that will truly change the way you think about food, Tasmania is a haven. And beyond food, the wine and culture is also right up there among the best in Australia!

On a food front, Tassie boasts remarkable produce from organic farming and smaller-scale production than the mainland. It is renowned for its amazing cheeses and mouth-watering chocolates, its sensational seafood, and rich, delicious lamb. With fertile soil and generally plenty of rain, its fruit and vege are fat and juicy and its famous chefs know how to put everything together in a way that will leave taste buds dancing.

Outside of food, Tasmania is home to several famous breweries and wonderful wineries and has a thriving and unique culture. With breathtaking art installations and galleries it has something for everyone, and those more interested in music or theatre are also in luck with excellent local and visiting productions and an array of music festivals.

4. No need to compromise on education!

If you're uni-age or have kids approaching that point, Tasmania offers the opportunity for an excellent tertiary education. The University of Tasmania is ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide (ARWU). Offering a vast array of courses, you or your kids can have endless opportunities.

If university isn't what you're after, Tasmania is also renowned for its vocational education programs and options.

5. Enhanced recreation and leisure time

There's no denying Tasmania offers some of the most stunning scenery in the world, and certainly in Australia. From its beautiful beaches to idyllic bush, rainforest and mountainous settings, you could happily spend the rest of your life trekking, climbing, camping or just picnicking and taking a breather.

All-in-all, while Tasmania offers an abundance of opportunities for people of all ages, it really is a great place to raise kids. Real estate in Tasmania is a great investment -- and as a plus, you will also be investing in a lifestyle difficult to find anywhere else in the world!