Australia is a big place... in fact, it's so big, most of us don't even know some of the great suburbs and towns we could be calling home! Each month, we'll bring you the profile of a new location to get excited about and we'll tell you all of the reasons it may just be worth a sea-change! This month, we take a quick flight to check out real estate in Darwin!


When most of us think about Darwin, we think about hot weather, crocs, tourists swimming with crocs without knowing it, national parks and some of Australia's best Barra fishing.

What many of us don't think about is what it might be like to buy a patch of land there, put down some roots and call Darwin home. But maybe we should!

Darwin is not just warm, and the home of crocs surfing into the beach on great waves, it is also a cultural mecca, a spot for excellent cuisine (especially seafood), the home of some of Australia's most stunning natural sites, and the easiest doorway from here into Asia. It is multicultural, and multifaceted, and most of all, it is full of opportunities many of us haven't considered.

The local community

Darwin is the most populated city in the Northern Territory, and a part of Australia that is unique in so many ways. With a population of just over 100,000 people, it is a melting pot of locals, tourists, various nationalities, and it includes the country's largest population of Indigenous Australians.

Historically one of the fastest growing capitals in Australia, the city offers all the modern conveniences you could ask for, combined with a unique small-town atmosphere.

With new neighbourhoods of sprawling, carefully-designed homes, and families who hail from across the country and the world, it is a great place to experience true community and welcome. It is also a distinct opportunity to get away from hustle and bustle without missing out on the great opportunities that go hand-in-hand with other cities, such as culture, cuisine, entertainment and travel.

Schools in Darwin

For a relatively small population, Darwin offers some excellent educational opportunities, and also caters to boarding students from near and far within the Northern Territory and Western Australia particularly.

With quality public and private schools at primary, high school and K to 12 levels, it also offers a small number of Christian schools.

In addition to the local TAFE, which largely provides vocational further study, Darwin also boasts the highly reputable Charles Darwin University which offers both vocational studies and qualifications right through to bachelor degrees and post-graduate studies and research.

At Charles Darwin, students can enrol to attend the stunning campus or study online for many courses. With a vast array of courses from hair and beauty and culinary arts, through to medicine, IT and law, there is something for everyone planning to start a career or looking for a career change.

Employment in Darwin

At time of writing, Darwin's unemployment rate was reported at 3.69%, which puts it under the national average. Most people work in government, defence, hospitals and primary education.

Employment opportunities in Darwin are varied and even sometimes unique, with the city providing career paths for many in the public service, as well as those working for mining companies, tropical horticulture and stock export.

With a strong military presence, Darwin is also home to a RAAF base and army barracks, which not only diversifies the city's population further, but provides solid employment opportunities, both private and public sector.

According to the ABS, at over $2,000 per week, average household income in Darwin is higher than the national average.

Entertainment in Darwin

Knowing where to start when it comes to entertainment in Darwin is a challenge all on its own.

Whether you're more inclined towards museums or outdoor activities, Darwin certainly has it all.

Offering several weekly outdoor markets, and festivals at various times of the year, including the Darwin, Seabreeze and Sea Grass festivals, the opportunities for locals and guests alike to kick up their heels and enjoy great music, diverse cuisine, comedy and the arts are in abundance.

The entertainment centre offers concerts performed by artists from all around the world, while Darwin's museum, art gallery and symphony orchestra provide an injection of high-end culture. Along with parks, gardens and beaches, locals can also enjoy deep sea fishing and a vast myriad of sports.

If you're open to some day trips, or even camping, Darwin is right on the doorstep of Australia's true natural treasures, in Kakadu and Arnhem land, just to name a few.

For those who are more inclined towards overseas travel, Darwin is the perfect base, with flights to Bali shorter than flights to Sydney, at just under three hours, and flights to Singapore only just over three hours.

Darwin offers a unique lifestyle with absolutely no end of opportunities to explore, new adventures to embrace and a rich array of sites to be seen.

Real estate in Darwin

Darwin has a unique and interesting real estate market and many properties that match the same description.

While data is a little more difficult to come by than Australia's other capital cities, according to the NT Government, the median house price in greater Darwin is just over $490,000, with the median unit price around $350,000.

The local market was quite strong but has seen some balancing out over the last few years, partially due to high inventory, with median prices declining slightly. Despite this, the number of houses sold increased by more than 4% to December 2018.

The city has a strong rental market, with median rental price at $460 per week in December 2018, and median rental yield at 4.1%. The government* reports the territory has the second lowest income requirements to meet home loan repayments of capital cities within Australia.

The verdict: Darwin might not seem like an obvious choice for a change, but with affordable real estate pricing, access to some of Australia and Asia's best tourist locations and natural escapes, and a variety of employment and educational opportunities, it is the perfect place to relocate and start the rest of your life!