Buying a house is a big deal, but really, there's nothing like purchasing a property late in the year and settling just before the festive season, so you and your family can enjoy Christmas together in your new home.

The only problem with this scenario -- other than moving during a busy period of the year -- is Christmas is expensive at the best of times. When you have just forked out the sale price on a house, conveyance fees, building inspection costs and fistfuls of cash for a myriad of other purchase-related reasons, the 'Christmas sparkle' can be a little too costly to add to the list.

But Christmas is special, and your first Christmas in your new home needs to be extra special.

This year, we've rallied the team -- many of whom have made it through the '2-minute noodles for every meal', bootstrapped years of uni -- to put together our best advice for a truly magical first Christmas, without the killer price tag!

1. Christmas decorations

Last year, in a flurry of spirit, we ventured out to the local shopping centre on the hunt for a tree and decorations.

To start off with, even at Kmart, nice trees are not cheap. When we got to the bauble aisle and found that anything that was even remotely interesting was $2 per hanging, it really got us talking.

How can you decorate your home so it looks unique, awe-inspiring and magical, without breaking the bank, or filling our already damaged oceans with a new wave of plastic balls?

The answer is a combination of nature and handy-crafts!

Now, we have to admit, we did end up buying a tree. If you don't want to hand over that cash, a great alternative is an old wooden ladder or beautiful rustic branches in different lengths, fixed together with string and attached to the wall in the obligatory pyramid shape.

Once you've chosen your foundation, it's all about the decos!

This year, we went with a natural theme -- which is not only very popular, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective -- it is also very beautiful!

If you're in the country, this next task will be much easier for you! As city dwellers, we started off by walking through our local oval and parklands -- which feature dozens and dozens of pine trees that happen to drop pine cones -- the perfect tree decoration.

With a little wire hanger inserted and some white and silver paints, we had some glamorous natural baubles hanging on our tree within an hour.

When looking for some colour, one of the team mentioned a bottle brush bush that grows just outside her house, and by the next day, with some string on-hand, we had vibrant reds adorning our increasingly stunning tree.

Finally, to finish off our masterpiece, we collected acorns, painting them all different colours, strung them together on some long yarn and wrapped them artistically around the branches.

Our Christmas tree was complete -- it was natural, beautiful and received more compliments than any tree we'd ever had... and cost us almost nothing!

2. Christmas feast

We all know the best part of Christmas is the amazing feast we prepare and all sit down to enjoy together.

But with hams upwards of $40 or $50 and Turkeys adding at least another $25 or $30 to the mix, Christmas lunch or dinner can come at a big financial cost.

One way to keep your budget low but still offer a spectacular spread that screams 'tradition' is to centre everything around one big ticket item, like your ham or turkey, and get clever with everything else!

Once you have your centre piece, avoid the supermarkets where your traditional sides cost a small fortune, and instead, hit your local farmers market.

What's important here is picking the right market.

Some farmers markets are deliberately designed for those who are, shall we say, more swayed by the 'trendiness' of organic and unusual produce. At these markets, you will often find staggering prices with a 'trendy tax' on top.

Others are literally just farmer's markets -- places to get great produce, albeit not perfectly polished and waxed, direct from the grower.

Choose vegetables that are hearty, but also colourful and diverse -- that way, your table will look more interesting and delicious.

If you have no local farmers market, look out for the new line of fruit and vege in Woolies, 'the odd bunch' which is produce that tastes EXACTLY the same as the usual stuff, but doesn't look quite as pretty, and is half or a quarter of the cost!

When it comes down to it, who cares if your carrots have sprouted two tiny legs and look like mini orange people -- you're going to cut them up, so it really won't affect presentation!

Groups like OzHarvest also now have a number of stores that sell leftover stock from supermarkets and retailers at significantly discounted prices.

When considering your table decor, cost can also start skyrocketing. But if you have chosen to go with the 'natural look' on your tree, why not continue the eclectic or rustic feel throughout?

Forget about perfectly matched crockery and cutlery, instead, create a beautiful mish mash of pieces you have collected over the years.

Laid out carefully and complemented by more natural decorations, your unique table will have just as much wow factor, if not more, as that of the neighbour's down the street with their candelabras and bone china!

3. Christmas Gifts

You know what is deflating? When you're a bit tight on cash, looking for some Christmas gift inspiration and you come across those sites that suggest you make gifts yourself, or give hand-written IOU massages. Like those are your only options.

Yes, those gifts can be lovely, but if everyone else in the family is handing out carefully-selected, store-bought goods, you can feel like your financial situation is just being shouted from the rooftop.

A great way to get around this is with a 'box of awesome' gift!

Something, we at Sale Ezy, like to do every year is give to a charity that delivers gifts to kids from struggling families both in Australia and overseas. The company we like, asks us to grab an old shoe box, wrap it up and fill it with simple things that will both delight and be practical.

Watching the video of beautiful little kids in war-torn or poverty-stricken countries open the box to see a new tooth brush, some soap, a funny t-shirt and a ball or yoyo is absolutely what Christmas is all about.

It's also an inspiring idea.

If you're short on cash, find yourself a small box, and rather than spending $50 or $100 per gift on something extravagant, give a fun and practical box of affordable goodies.

Hit up Kmart for your sister, and pop in a cheap facemask, a nail polish, sale DVD, a pack of popcorn and you've given her the perfect night in for around $10.

For dad, check out the cheap paperback books, the hot chocolate sets, small packs of cookies and massage rollers, and you're all set!

Think about the person you're buying for and what can help them with what they need most -- some time to relax, some excitement, some exercise -- then get them kitted out for a fraction of the cost of your usual gifts, and twice as many smiles!

Overall, even if the budget is smaller this year, Christmas will be special, simply because you will be spending it in your new house, with the people you love -- the people who can make it a home.

Focus on spending time together and building new traditions, as you create memories and fill those walls with laughter and love!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!