There's something exciting about the fact that these days, you type a few numbers and click a few buttons, and if you're a little lucky and a little strategic, you can purchase your new, dream house, without ever leaving your lounge room.

And while online sales are only just starting to enter the mainstream, with most Australians spending seven hours online each and every day, it's not unlikely we'll be ordering homes online in the very near future, just as the Jetsons ordered their evening meals!

So, if you had the option, what specifications would be included in your online home order? Perhaps some of these real properties from our Sale Ezy online property auctions will help inspire you!

An entrance that makes an impact!

If you're all about making a splash and letting people know you have style, this Victorian property is the perfect inspiration! A stunning entrance can leave your guests in awe and set the scene for the rest of your sophisticated indoor styling.

Entertainment extraordinaire!

Some of our favourite features in many of the homes that have been listed on Sale Ezy, are the sensational entertainment areas, that make the most of sweeping views.

Whether you live in the city and can show off the sparkling lights, or your country surrounds can provide your guests a unique sense of relaxation, for Aussies, entertainment space is really where it's at!

online auctions entrance to home

online entrance entertainment space

Open living, ample living!

There's open living and then there's the type of space that really gives you room to swing a cat, a big one, like a lion (but we're animal lovers at Sale Ezy, so we advise you don't!).

Living spaces can be both breathtaking and practical, inviting family and guests to relax and unwind indoors when we get some much needed rain.

online auctions open living spaces

online auctions living room

Creative kitchen and dining

For many Aussies, the kitchen or dining room is the centre of the home. Sure, we love a good movie or a footy game, but when there is an area in the house purely dedicated to food, we are there! These kitchen and dining areas left us all redesigning our homes for more bench space!

online property auctions kitchens

online auctions dining

Outdoor adventure

City living is spectacular, but having started in country NSW, we can't go past some of the amazing outdoor areas offered by some of the properties listed on Sale Ezy. When writing up our dream home list, certainly bush walking trails, lakes with romantic jetties and bike tracks make the cut. 

onlien auction outdoor living

online auctions personal lake

online auction lake and boat

online auction views

Looking to sell?

Whether your property is in the country or the city, regardless of state or territory, Sale Ezy offers you a distinct method of sale designed with cooling market conditions in mind. Chat to our friendly team today on 1300 662 013 about our Ezy Intros service to help you find your perfect agent for your online sale.