If you've been anywhere near Byron Bay lately, you may have heard about or noticed the biggest, most eye-catching site in town... According to media reports, what you're hearing about is likely the new and extravagant home of Chris Hemsworth and wife, Elsa Pateky.

At Sale Ezy, we don't really get caught up in celebrity drama or invested in gossip mags and it is a rare day any on of us sits down to write an article about celebrity mansions, but after seeing Byron Bay's newest real estate addition pop up in our newsfeeds day-after-day, we just couldn't resist.

Why is it that we, as non-celebs, are so obsessed with celebrity houses?

Why are articles about the latest Kardashian mansion sales, or rapper repossessions some of the highest ranking and read articles from big real estate display sites that feature much more useful and practical information? What are we looking for?

Well, we did a little survey and here is why celebrity property news is so click-worthy.... Are any of these true for you?

1. You want to know what millions can buy!

In Sydney, Melbourne and other Australian cities, property prices boomed over the last few years. Where once a million-dollar home seemed out of reach, now many of us know (and feel the debt-pain) of property with exactly that price tag, and even more (banks-willing!).

But what we want to know, is if our terraces are worth more than a million and our beachsides are a few million, what exactly are the Kardashians getting in their $20 million estate?

The great thing is, more often than not, images of the interiors of these properties’ pre-sale, are leaked online or available and the absolute over-abundance of reality TV now means we don't just get a glimpse inside, we see almost every room!

2. You want to see and judge their style

We're human, we can't help it! We know celebs can often invest millions in internal styling and employ big names to dress their property interiors in the latest trends.

Firstly, we want to see what they have selected.... and make a judgement call. Is it worth all the money and all the fuss? Do they actually have good taste? How does it compare to the taste of others?

Secondly, we want to emulate what they've done -- with much smaller budgets!

In the age of Insta, every image is inspiration, so collecting insider insights on interior design from the most practical, everyday homes to the biggest and most expensive properties, expands our knowledge and informs our styling choices in our own homes.

3. You want to think they might be just a little like you

Celebs are people too right? They have bathrooms with piles of products, 'everything' draws in the kitchen and bits and pieces their mums gave them they just feel too guilty to ever give away?

When we get a sneak peek into celebrities' lives, we just want to know they are actually a little like us. That their lives and our lives are not so far removed from one another.

Unfortunately, we may not get the answer we are looking for. While some celebs are relatively low-key and their homes look much the same as ours, others have wardrobes bigger than our bedrooms, and bathrooms bigger than our lounge rooms. Still... they use them the exact same way we do!

4. You are a little bit (just slightly) of a digital stalker

Some of the most popular tours in LA are those that drive happy out-of-towners around the more prestigious suburbs, pointing out the current and past homes of various celebrities.

Think about it -- if you did that to anyone who wasn't a celebrity -- drove around past their house again and again and again -- people might call you a stalker.

Having the opportunity not just to drive past, but see inside celebrity homes, further sparks the slight stalker inside of all of us. You may think you're not one of these people, but if you remember and fondly recall design features, photos or other simple decor from your favourite celebrities’ home... think again!


An endless number of psychologists have published commentary about humanity's obsession with fame and celebrity -- they suggest we can experience some sort of validation from knowing intricate details of the lives of prominent people, that some of us feel we have a close relationship with particular celebrities, that we covet the drama of a more exciting life.

But ultimately, most of us just want one thing -- a glimpse into how the 'other half' lives.