If you are a real estate agent, or you even have an interest in real estate, you'll know there are some serious changes taking hold of our industry. You'll be aware that our field and how we do business is starting to modernise, and widely, even those of us committed to traditional practices, are starting to adopt some of the technology that other industries have been taking advantage of for years.

Sale Ezy is all about embracing this change, and helping agents and owners to do the same. It's about capitalising on the minor adjustments and the major transformations that feed the entire real estate revolution. But most of all, it's about making sure you — agents, buyers and sellers — also know how to use these changes, big and small, in property marketing and sales strategies to benefit yourselves and carve out your own solid property future.

With so much going on in property, it's easy to fixate on the big changes that are taking place: the market fluctuations, the new business models, the regulatory modifications. But sometimes, focusing on the small changes, the less noticeable opportunities, can be where our biggest advantage as agents and property owners can really be.

One of the areas of most change within the real estate industry over the last decade, has been property marketing. The most notable transformation is the move from predominantly traditional and print property promotion — things like your Wednesday and Saturday paper — to online display advertising on some of the biggest and most lucrative websites in the country (you know the ones we mean!).

While this move is all but firmly in place, the real estate industry has been a little slower off the mark when it comes to other digital promotional opportunities, like adopting social media as a property marketing platform. Despite being an industry of networkers, very few have strategically adopted social platforms as a way of not only promoting properties, but really targeting niche buying audiences. 

Some bigger agencies and head offices are in the full swing of using platforms like Facebook and Twitter in property marketing. But many agencies are franchises, and despite receiving some guidance from their head office, either don't have the time or expertise to truly take advantage of what social platforms have to offer.

To address, this, we've put together five ways Facebook can be used in successful property marketing; tips useful both for a small agency, just starting to dabble with social platforms, or an owner who is marketing and auctioning their own property.

1. Reach out to your network

The intrinsically useful feature of social platforms, like Facebook, when it comes to any sort of localised sale, is that they are all about networking — exactly what you would be doing in a traditional sense, in order to promote and sell your property.

Facebook is designed for you to create a network of people who you know, and then through that network, to further your reach and connect with other people you have something in common with, or perhaps who live in the same locality as you. While most people have Facebook friends from all over, the majority of your friends are usually from the area you live in, or did live in. And what does this mean? You practically have your own newspaper for advertising your property to a local audience.

When selling, if an owner-seller, post the property on your personal page and ask all your friends to like and share it, and to tag their friends who may be interested. If a small agency, you can post it on your business page and promote it to all of your followers, and then ask all your agents to share it from that page onto their personal pages and reach out to their often extensive local networks.

2. A Q & A is property marketing genius

Often with open houses, there are people who can't make it on the day, but are still potentially interested in the property. Others may get to have a look around, but have a list of questions they want to ask.

To build up interest, schedule an online, live Q and A about the property, during which people can send you questions through the comments section and watch as you answer them live. People will log on not only to get their own question answered, but also to have a sticky beak at who else is interested and what type of questions they are asking.

3. Boost your post

Facebook has a range of options designed for advertising. You can set up an advertising account and create carefully crafted property marketing ads designed as just one step in your integrated promotion strategy. Or if that sounds like too much work, create a normal post about the property and if you get some good engagement, simply boost the post to get it in front of a few more people. This type of ad is charged based on who clicks on the ad to find out more, not just people who see the ad, so is quite cost-effective.

4. Target your niche

One of the great advantages of Facebook is the way advertising can be focused; it's really second-to-none right now. Essentially when you boost your post or create an advertisement, you can very carefully target the audience you are aiming at so you only reach out to people who are most likely to be interested in the property (get tips on creating a buyer profile).

You can target by gender, age, location (or several locations) as well as behaviours and interests. This means instead of paying for a big ad that could be seen only by people who aren't interested, and that costs money regardless of the interest you receive; you can create an ad that appeals specifically to your potential buyer and then make sure it is put in front of them.

5. Use images to tell a story

Facebook has really been ramping up its efforts over the last few years when it comes to imagery. Now, instead of just a status update with a photo attached, you can include a slide show of pictures, a video production, or even a live feed as you stroll through the house and answer questions.

When it comes to property marketing, pictures say a thousand words, and as long as a potential buyer understands the necessities (things like price range, size, location), it will be the look and the feel of the place they will often fall in love with. Use social media to give them that chance by introducing them to your breezy, light lounge room; your warm and open bedrooms, your sprawling backyard.

More information

At Sale Ezy, as an owner or agent, you have access to our expert support team — people who love to help you get the best outcome for your property sale! We also include social promotion as an option in our property marketing packages (which is very unique!!). Give us a call to have a chat about our cutting-edge online auction and sales platform and how we can support your next property sale.