Here at Sale Ezy, we have EMBSE or Extreme Master Bedroom Suite Envy. There, we admitted it!

And if, like us -- and we have definitely mentioned this before -- you are a diehard fan of the many Lifestyle programs now available on Aussie television, you're likely also a proud sufferer of EMBSE and fixated on those fantastic parent retreats!

American flipping, design and real estate programs -- and now the Aussie programs in hot pursuit -- are obsessed with what they call a 'master bedroom suite' or a 'parent's retreat'.

It's not so much a bedroom with a bed and a dresser and maybe a mirror or two, but a part of the house where an adult can escape, relax, unwind and really have some room to move!

Bringing multi-purpose functionality to a space that was once just for sleeping, a truly appealing master bedroom suite is also about style, layout and intelligent use of space and light.

It's still a place you can sleep, but it's now also a sanctuary where you can read, watch a movie, roll out a yoga mat or just sit and stare blissfully out the window. If you have the room, a master bedroom suite is a #lifegoal for any parent and a special and quite unique feature of much appeal to potential buyers.

So, how do you turn a bedroom into a master suite?

Tip one: Extend your reach for a true parent retreat

Let's be honest, for many of us with kids, the kids run most parts of the house. Their toy boxes are in the living areas, their homework is on the breakfast bar, their ducks are in the bath and you just know as soon as you quietly head off for some private loo time they will be right there knocking.

So next time you're considering an extension -- or even just swapping around rooms -- think about giving your master bedroom a little extra space, so you can transform it into a parent retreat -- a master bedroom suite with multi-functional space.

A great parent retreat -- the stuff dreams are made off -- have a few tick boxes: obviously there is room for the standard bits and pieces, like your lush bed, bedside tables and dressers, but you should also allow for plenty of walk in wardrobe space, an ensuite with a decent-sized bath, and at least a small sitting space (though bigger is better!).

Head online and a simple Google search for 'parent retreat design' will inspire you with a variety of layout options, all allowing unique space for different activities -- relaxing in the tub, reading by a fire or perfecting yoga poses by a window.

And one of the most important features? A door to close off the space from the rest of the house!

Tip two: Plants in the master bedroom suite? Yes please

Any room that features flowers or plants, is instantly lifted and can become an oasis – even the smallest of master bedroom suites should still feature some sort of greenery.

For staging purposes, you want to keep a clear walkway through the room, and make sure it doesn’t look too busy or crowded – placing one or two plants on a shelf or windowsill will not take up a lot of space but will add freshness to smaller areas.

Of course, if you have plenty of space, feel free to think about relaxing green areas, that perhaps start inside and run onto a balcony, providing the perfect spot for a secret reading session.

Remember, you don’t even need to be great with plants – we know some people (within our office) who don’t have a green thumb at all, but plants are still a prominent feature in their home.


Tip three: Establish a consistent style without a bland finish

In a bigger space, or a room with multi-function areas, incorporating furniture that all looks exactly the same can reduce the freshness and make a room bland.

While a furniture pack from Ikea or Domayne can get your bedroom styled in a matter of minutes (provided you’re a quick decision maker) and can be beautiful -- this is not an ordinary room!

Try selecting different furniture pieces you love that loosely tie in together – but, not too loosely. You still want to create that nice balance, and present a consistent theme and style.

As an example, you may like to get the matching bed frame and bedside tables in a dark oak, and in your designated work space, select a computer desk or work station that ties in other colours and textures within the room -- dark oak legs with a transparent glass work space.

Ample use of texture and colour in other spaces can also really bring things together. Light and bright paint colours -- even white -- will reflect natural light, while cushions, rugs and throws in various fabrics are both snugly and stylish.

Finish with some simple pieces that draw the eye, like vases, books, or on-theme ornaments.

Tip four: Good lighting is a must!

Good lighting throughout an area like this is a must -- and by good, we mean plenty of it, with some strong styling thrown in!

Start by capitalising on what is already there. Invite natural light in through windows, and bring emphasis to the space and size through the use of well-placed mirrors.

Think about the function of each section of the room and what lighting will be needed to create the appropriate ambience.

While the sleeping space will need stylish bedside lights -- pendants are popular -- your sitting space will need variable light that can work for reading or sitting and relaxing in the evening after the kids are in bed.

Bonus tip: Many parents will read this article and think -- 'ha, sounds great, when would I ever get time to use it?' -- which is a valid point! But sometimes giving yourself a spot like this is a helpful encouragement to work to find that little bit of 'you time' each day or even each week. And with a parent escape in the house, you don't need to sneak out, you just need to close the door and open a book!

The biggest tip of all when creating a parent retreat or master bedroom suite is this space is personal -- to you or to the person who will buy your house. Think about it and about what will really make it special and have fun creating a retreat fit for a Queen!