Living in the city, but coming from the country, one thing our team knows for sure is there truly is nothing like country air. And with Goulburn real estate so well priced, now is the time to permanently secure a little of that precious air for yourself!

Living in country Australia, or even just gifting yourself with an extended visit, is something everyone should do at least once in their lives.

Nothing compares to getting out in the open space, tearing through a paddock on a bike, looking out over rolling hills while you sip your morning coffee, or literally just breathing in air that feels more crisp and clean than the air anywhere else.

In between two major cities, Goulburn is the perfect escape for those people who are happy to be urban and in amongst the hustle of the city during the day, but want for something more calm and soothing, or rugged and adventurous in the evening or on the weekend. 

Home to a population of just under 23,000, the regional city has everything you will ever need, with ample farmland offering privacy and space, just a stones throw from great entertainment, health and educational facilities.

So why consider purchasing Goulburn real estate over other areas?

1. Goulburn's proximity to major cities is a bonus!

Few regional cities offer the access to major metros the way Goulburn does.

Located on the Federal Highway -- and a prominent stop for traffic heading up and down the country -- Goulburn is just an easy two-hour drive from Sydney and only one hour from Canberra.

While its location serves Goulburn well as a hot spot for a great weekender, its proximity to the public service in Canberra also means it is an ideal place to call home if you work in Australia's capital.

Goulburn is also incredibly well connected in terms of transport, with trains running several times a day to and from Canberra and Sydney, and even heading down south on the way to Melbourne.

2. All the services you need are close at hand

One of the great pleasures of the Goulburn area is it offers every service you need within the township or close by, but doesn't suffer from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

In addition to a number of public and private primary schools, Goulburn also offers education to older students from near and far via its prominent private boarding school, Trinity Catholic College and several public high schools.

Tertiary education is just down the road at the TAFE or a quick hour's drive to Canberra's highly-regarded universities.

Outside of education, Goulburn also offers a modern hospital and access to specialists in Canberra, Sydney and Bowral.

If entertainment and dining are what you're after, the local cinema offers the latest releases at a small fraction of the ticket price of franchise cinemas in most cities.

Scattered around the town you will also find a number of excellent dining opportunities serving fresh, local produce, cooked to perfection.

3. A myriad of employment opportunities

If you don't want to try your luck farming on your new property, Goulburn also offers a range of employment opportunities.

Historically, unemployment levels in the area have fluctuated as they do in many areas, but for the most part, Goulburn's unemployment has remained lower than the national average.

In 2018, unemployment has risen slightly, but at the time of writing, had 414 jobs listed for Goulburn and surrounds, across a range of fields, and 5,000+ jobs just an hour away in Canberra.

While average income is lower than the major cities, decreased living expenses, property prices and transport all make Goulburn a great place to work and live, and often much more affordable than its more populated neighbours.

4. Goulburn real estate is affordable!

One of the major reasons to consider a move or even a weekender in Goulburn is the competitive property prices -- every one of your dollars buys so much more than it does in Sydney or even Canberra.

At time of writing, according to, the average price for a three bedroom home in Goulburn was just $395,000, with a four bedroom home setting you back on average, $530,000.

Comparing to suburbs like Campbelltown in South Sydney, where a four bedroom will cost on average, $710,000, or Gungahlin in Canberra, where a four bedroom home averages $745,000, the pricing, and proximity to work and facilities are unbeatable!