Did you know, prior to the 1940s, the same pins you try to knock down at a bowling alley today, were actually re-set by hand?

A man would slide on into the end of the alley, pick up what you knocked down and create that perfect triangle of pins in time for the next person to take their turn.

Likewise, not even ten years ago, a troop of people was required to man every tollway on major roads. These days, every single set of hands has been replaced by the rapid beep of an e-tag or equivalent.

As new technology is introduced into every industry, it's easy to fear it. It's easy to worry it will replace people. To adopt the 'terminator' mentality. And right now, real estate is no exception.

But in a service-based industry, there is something people can deliver that machines aren't capable of now, and likely won't be any time in the near future, or maybe ever. Humanity.

With new technology popping up almost every week in real estate, it would be easy to think that real estate agents are on their way out.

In fact, systems like Sale Ezy aren't being introduced to replace agents -- quite the opposite!

They are growing in popularity because they finally allow an agent to streamline transactional sales so they can put more focus on the part of the process technology can't play -- real relationships.

1. Building trust and human relationships

Real estate agents have demanding jobs. If you aren't one, or you haven't lived with one, you may not be aware they are basically on call 24/7.

They answer calls and emails while on holidays, spend hours with vendors who end up listing with other agents, hours more supporting vendors who do list with them, and months negotiating with buyers. On top of that, they do all the paperwork that comes hand-in-hand with a very heavily-regulated industry.

Selling a home is emotional and a big deal. Whether it's your first home or your third investment, being able to rely on an expert and trust someone to guide you through the process, and understand your motivations and decisions is important.

Most real estate agents are really good at building honest and genuine relationships, but they struggle with time.

New technology allows agents to recapture some of that time so they can focus more on you. They can invest in you and your sale more, really get to know you and what you want and need, and really support you through the entire process.

Our system encourages more frequent communication and transparency, and creates the foundation for stronger relationships that are more rewarding for everyone involved.

2. Real estate agents have a unique sense of property value

Right now, there are countless websites available -- you know the ones -- that can crunch some numbers and give you an estimate for what a property is worth.

And data is great. Considering properties with similar size, facilities, locations and histories can help produce an estimate that is very useful for informing your buying or selling strategy.

But data is only as useful as it is up-to-date.

If changes have been made to a property since its last sale or listing, the condition has improved or deteriorated, or the market has had a sudden change (as we are seeing now), those calculations and that quick estimate are missing some crucial factors that are required for accuracy.

Likewise, few if any of those systems can compare aspects like layout, and the fact in a young family, a parent will want the master bedroom close by the other bedrooms, not near the entrance of the house. It doesn't consider how easy the gardens are to maintain, who lives in the neighbourhood, or if the kitchen is out-of-date.

Agents bring the element of human experience to pricing properties. They have access to the same data as these estimate systems, but they can also consider all the factors machines don't have access to in order to suggest an asking price that is worthy of the property and of the market.

3. Machines facilitate negotiation but can they do it alone?

Our system is easy, transparent and clear when it comes to the transactional side of negotiating a sale -- it produces a great result. But it produces an ever better result when it has a great agent behind it.

A good agent will take advantage of the time saved by the streamlined sales process, and use that to draw on everything they know to help negotiate the best result for the sale.

They will be sitting with the vendor or meeting regularly, calling to check in and to update. They will be on the phone to the buyer, keeping them in the game, informed and on the edge-of-their seat.

Online sales can work without an agent, but they work so much better with one. It's that combination of technology and humanity that really drives results.


One of the reasons we built Sale Ezy's sales platform is because we believe sales can be a much better experience for owners, buyers and agents, if we combine technology with humanity. If agents really capitalise on systems like ours, new apps and tools, so they have more time to invest n the people side of the business, buying or selling a property will be better for everyone!