Tech building trust: compare property listings online

Real estate is one of Australia's biggest industries, having a tremendous impact every year on both ...

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5 simple ways to introduce Scandinavian design to your home

If 2019 is the year you set a resolution to update your home with new styling and fresh design, perh...

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e-conveyancing: what is it and why all the controversy?

Last year, 2018, saw some big changes in real estate, and you guessed it -- as a buyer or seller, mo...

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Skip renovating: 5 great tips to restyle your home

Thinking of selling and want to spruce up your home for potential buyers? Wondering where you will g...

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Real estate Tasmania

Real estate in Tasmania: what does this hotspot have to offer?

If you've been watching the news over the last few months you'll know at least two things about the ...

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Christmas cookie recipe

Christmas cookie recipe – for open homes or just for fun!

Christmas is the most unique time in any year. The sounds, the smells, the over-the-top tinsel hung ...

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Is Christmas a good time to sell your house

Is Christmas a good time to sell your house?

Australia is an interesting place to buy and sell real estate. Like anywhere, we go through peaks an...

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Home styling tips to add some holiday cheer

In this short 2 week series, we dive right into the Christmas spirit and explore affordable ways to ...


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online auction is different to traditional auction

4 ways online auction is different to a traditional real estate auction

Have you ever been looking through or even your local paper, and come across a p...

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