3 ways to reduce time on market

The real estate market throughout Australia is changing. In some parts of the country demand and pri...

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This week's best low-cost styling finds and what to do with them

In our last blog, 'styling on a budget', we looked at five different styling focal points, agents,...

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Styling on a budget

Styling on a budget

When selling a property, staging and home styling can have a huge impact on the price you achieve an...

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research for buying a property

7 tips for doing your homework online before buying a house

There's no denying, over recent years, purchasing a home has started to feel more-and-more out-of-re...

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Buy and sell properties online

5 tips and tools for buying and selling property in the digital age

In Australia, around 500,000 properties are sold every year, according to the Reserve Bank. Not surp...

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Built your real estate agent profile

Agents: building your brand and profile in the digital age

See session in Ezy training for agents....

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Open house tips

5 things you should be doing at open houses... but you're not

Buying a home is a big deal, and whether it's the first time or the tenth time you do it, it is prob...

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online property auctions with Sale Ezy

Quick typers and quick talkers: the new generation of auctioneer

Real estate agents have been doing what they do for hundreds of years. And though advertising of pro...

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Australian property auction rules

Property auctions around Australia

When it comes to real estate laws in Australia, it can be very difficult to know where you stand. In...

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Women paving the way in real estate

This week, some of our team were fortunate to attend Sherrie Storor's Women in Real Estate event in ...


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