About SE

Sale Ezy was successfully established in 2006 as one of the first online property auction platforms in Australia. It was developed by country real estate agent of 30 years, Allan McDonald, with support from real estate professionals, marketing, IT and legal experts, and in consultation with property buyers and sellers.

Designed with the aim of putting the power back into the hands of people buying and selling their own homes and properties, Sale Ezy reduces the cost and increases the reach of property auctions.

Our one-of-a-kind platform allows vendors to list their own property, choose their own price and manage their own sales process. Buyers can register online in real-time, monitor properties of interest and bid in seconds, from anywhere.

What’s so different about Sale Ezy online property auctions?

  • As a vendor, you have complete control of your auction, from timing to pricing.
  • No more commission!
  • Decreased advertising costs with NO margins.
  • A custom-built platform designed to be compliant with federal and state regulations.
  • The capacity to reach out to potential buyers from interstate or overseas.
  • As a bidder, you control every bid you place with no pressure.
  • Bid from anywhere!
  • The base price gives you an accurate indication of where the auction will start.
  • No more driving all the way to an auction only to find you are outbid in the first minute.
  • Full support and guidance from a dedicated support team.
  • Measures put in place to protect buyers and vendors against reneging on a sale.