About Sale Ezy

Sale Ezy is the coming together of two complementary businesses, one dedicated to sales and one dedicated to marketing. 

Our marketing consultation began more than a decade ago, with a specialisation in brand development, marketing strategy and website project management. Over more than ten years, the members of our team have expanded their knowledge and expertise, catering to small and large businesses both in Australian and the UK.

Our sales business stems from our development of Australia's first online sales platform for real estate agents that benefits from auction conditions. First established in 2006, it was developed by country real estate agent of 30 years, Allan McDonald, with support from real estate professionals, marketing, IT and legal experts, and in consultation with property buyers and sellers.

Today, we focus on improving and evolving sales techniques in real estate, and establishing strong and strategic marketing practices within businesses in and outside of the real estate industry. Outside of real estate, we have worked with clients in construction, architecture, health and medicine, research, the public service, aviation, childcare, recruitment, transport and a number of other industries. 

Information for real estate agents

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