I don't want to bid in an auction!

Traditional auction can sometimes seem intimidating, and we know there are some buyers who see a property advertised for auction and think 'No Way!'

That's why we created Sale Ezy, it's a new type of auction that takes away that intimidation and lack of control for buyers and sellers. It gives you a chance to talk, out loud, with your family before making decisions, and it allows you the comfort of bidding from your own home. All this means you can be confident every time you bid!


So, how do you make an offer?

With Sale Ezy, auctions aren't run for a few minutes like they might be traditionally, instead they run over several weeks. 

For the first few weeks, the auction runs in 'best offer mode'. During best offer, when you submit an offer on screen, the auctioneer and property owner can review it, and even accept it right then and there, meaning the property is yours!

Other bidders know a bid has been made, but during best offer, no other bidder knows how much you have bid -- we call this private bidding. 

If the owner doesn't receive an offer they are happy with during best offer, after a few weeks, there will be a scheduled hour of public bidding -- a little like ebay.

Again, you type your bid in on screen and submit, but for this hour, every other bidder can see how much you bid (don't worry, they see none of your personal details at all!).

A clock counts down the hour, and bidders can bid as many times as they like to try to buy the property. The owner can watch the bidding, but can't stop it and accept a bid like they can during best offer.

After the hour, if the highest bid is equal to the owner's reserve price, the property will be sold. If it isn't, people can continue to submit private bids in a new best offer period.

All periods are conducted under auction conditions, meaning if your offer is accepted, you must proceed with sale -- and so must the owner. Other than that, Sale Ezy offers a completely different environment and experience to traditional auctions, so buyers no longer need to skip past properties advertised for auction!

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