Pre-listing checklist

Listing your property on Sale Ezy is done in one sitting, so it's important you have everything prepared and ready to go before you start the listing process. 

The checklist below provides a quick reference guide to what you will need to successfully list your property and host an auction on Sale Ezy.

Mandatory items

A contract for the sale of the property. Your solicitor or conveyancer will prepare this.

A property report. You can get these free from most bank sites, and many other sites. No other user will see your property report, but it is mandatory you have one so Sale Ezy knows your pricing strategy has been informed by industry data.

A building and pest inspection by a qualified inspector. In some states in Australia, vendors are required to provide a building and pest report for interested buyers, while in others, bidders must have the inspection done themselves.

We think the former is more efficient, and in an auction situation, gives more opportunity to people who would like to bid, but have learned of the property too late to have the report complete before the auction.

Providing the report decreases the amount of builders traipsing through a house to prepare the same report, and increases the bidding market. Find your own builder or check our supplier page.

 10 high resolution photographs of your property. We highly recommend using a professional photographer but you can take the photos yourself. You will need to choose one image to be your main display image - the first image people see - and nine other shots of various parts of the property. Find your own photographer or check our supplier page.

Two open house dates. Sale Ezy requires every property to be open for inspection at least twice (the more, the better!).

5 simple and clear property features. Think about things like fixtures, storage and additional garaging or improvements, pools, landscaped gardens - the things that make your property most attractive to a buyer.

A base and reserve price. Your base price is the starting price for the auction - no bids below it will be accepted as bids. The reserve price is the minimum price you will accept to sell the property - once bids reach the reserve, the property is for sale.

Auction and Best Offer periods. Start and end dates for your auction, and for the Best Offer platform prior to the auction (this must close three days before your auction starts). Best Offer automatically kicks in post-auction if the property doesn't sell and remains active until the property is sold.

A solicitor/conveyancer. You'll need to enter their details so we can contact them to verify your ID and process your sale.

A licence or passport. We don't hold onto this, but our trusted third party specialist (used by many major Australian banks and finance organisations) will use it to verify your ID - which helps to keep you and buyers safe.

Optional items

A property video. You may choose to upload a video of your property - we recommend a professional videographer. A strong video can increase the potential for your property to sell at or above the price you expect.

A floor plan. You can do this yourself and it's a great way to help potential buyers better understand the layout of your property. 

For some great hints and tips for writing your ad from our professional copywriters, click here.

Remember, you need to list in one sitting, so go through this checklist carefully, take your time and make sure you have everything you need when you start listing.